I’m in the Mood!

I think we can all safely say that we are well in to Autumn. I mean look around you (assuming you are somewhere on the earth where it is Autumn at the moment)! Actually, I guess we could say it is winter now since we turned the clocks back only last night…

Personally, I think Autumn is the most beautiful of the four seasons because of all the vibrant colours and the breathtaking scenes. It’s definitely my favourite season!
The air has certainly got colder recently and I’ve searched out my scarf, hat and gloves to start wearing soon!
Halloween is just around the corner as well and since I’m too old now, I don’t really go out anymore and I’m never invited to any parties so I’m fine with my computer which also happens to be my best friend. Plus, I have a piano lesson on the night of Halloween this year.
And we all know that just after Halloween, it’s bonfire night which I will not be seeing a lot if seeing as it falls on the first day of my “Work Experience” which doesn’t finish until 9:00 pm. I think I’m getting the most work experience here, realising the harshness of working life.
Probably no one who follows my blog has noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot on my blog recently. Well, that’s mainly because of school. I’m in an important year now and I have prelims (preliminary exams) in about four weeks so I really need to study for that. I actually have a bunch of photography that I’ve played with and I’ve scheduled photos to be posted or the next two weeks! Dedication right here folks!
Another thing to mention, which is what the title of this post is actually about is the fact that I am really getting in the mood for Christmas. It may be the feeling of Autumn, I don’t know, but I’m unusually feeling really excited for Christmas at such an early time. And *warning: confession coming up* I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done. That’s a record for me considering I’m usually running about at the last-minute for Christmas presents. But no, not this year!
Ah well, I’m just gonna have to get my head down for now, work hard, do well and contain my feelings!
Oh, and enjoy the photography I’ll be posting in the next few weeks! I enjoyed going out and taking them!

Bye for now!



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