October: The Month of Awkwardness

I’ve been having a weird October.

Since the first of this month, I’ve been noticing a strange behaviour amongst every single person I know or at least, most people I know. For some people, the effect has been almost unnoticeable but to some, it has been very noticeable. It seem to be just like a change in personality but in most cases, its not a good change, it’s just… awkward. I think it’s something in the autumn air, and I hope by the end of the month, it is over and done with. It really is annoying!

But hey, I’m happy at this moment in time because I don’t have school for the next week because of the October Week which I thought would be a nice relaxing week off, but my teachers have given me a heck of a lot of homework and if I had a pound coin for every time a teacher has mentioned that we should use our time off effectively by studying then I would be stinking rich, and I mean, stinking.

It’s not that I don’t want to study or do homework it’s just I thought the whole point of a school holiday was that you don’t need to think about school and doing homework and studying seems to take that value away. I guess I’ll just have to do a bit of both and organise my time as many teachers have already advised me to do. Damn you education. (Just kidding, I take my education seriously and am grateful for it. I suppose.)

And this time of year seems to be going in so quick may I add. And you know, I think it’ll go in even quicker because I guess it’s just that time of year for me. Prelims, work experience, and all that stuff. I’m almost wishing I could just go back to first year in high school when I didn’t have to worry about big exams and stuff. I kind of hated first year but I just wanna go back now, it seems so stress free!

Oh dear. I fear I’m catching the awkwardness disease, I’m starting to get depressed and I don’t like it.

I should quit whilst I can. Oh well.

Until the next time!



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