Shooting Fireworks!

A couple of hours ago, my mum rushed into my room and said “Aaron, come and see the fireworks!” so I scurried into the living room and peeped outside the window to see a nice little display of fireworks.

And then, a light bulb appeared over my head. I remembered a setting on my camera specifically for fireworks. So I shot right back into my bedroom, grabbed my camera and turned the dial to the fireworks mode and started snapping.

Sadly, mother had called me in when the fireworks were ending so I only managed to get a few shots. But, I am proud of these few photos for a first and I cannot wait until bonfire night until I can try it out properly!

Some of the photos turned out rather weird but I think that was probably due to camera shake. I didn’t think I’d be able to get a tripod set up in that little time slot! Some of the weird ones actually create a really cool pattern as well!

But hey,  here’s some of the rather cool photos!




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