Scotland Ain’t So Bad Afterall!

Well hello there! Remember me? Yes, it certainly has been a while, about two weeks to be precise! I guess I’ve just went through that phase which a lot of bloggers know oh so very well, known as laziness. You may have heard of it.

But hey, I’m back with some things to share. Well… only around one. Let us begin…

My dad and I had been considering going out at some point during autumn to get some nice shots of the changing leaves and other autumn related things. Although the trees are not quite at the stage they are beautiful we decided we would just say what the heck and do something with the day.

We decided we would go to a place not too far away but a fair wee bit as my dad said, called Chatelherault. It is home to a restored stately home which once belonged to The Duke of Hamilton which he used as a hunting lodge. (We went into the little exhibition there, which is the only reason I know this). I had been to Chatelherault before but I thought it was only the stately home and a few fields and a great view. It had all these things but before we even stepped out of the car, my dad said I would be surprised with what can be found. And that I was.

Round the back of the home, there is a little path which leads to a few other paths etc which I never knew existed. There was so many different routes we could go and so many different attractions we could go in search for from The Duke’s Bridge which was very nice and I got some excellent photos (which I will be posting separately in different blog posts) to Cadzow Castle, the possibilities were endless!

In total throughout the day, we must  have walked about 10km which was quite a shock to our bodies seeing as we can hardly walk anymore. However, seeing many magnificent and awesome views and scenes, I really changed my mind about Scotland. When living in a town or even a city, you are just so used to the urban surroundings and the place booming with civilization but when out in the wild and there isn’t so much civilization and almost no sense of urbanity, you forget you are even in Scotland; it is a totally different place.  Rivers, bridges, trees (and lots of ’em!), castles, monuments, magnificent views, hidden ruins, the list  is endless!

And of course, I took my camera with me and it turns out I took around 700 photos in total. I’ve only started editing a few and I’m pleased to say they look quite good. I will be posting each photo one at a time in a separate blog post (like I usually do) because I feel each photo needs a good bit of explaining along with it!

I’m really glad I went out today because I felt so great and so inspired by what I was surrounded by and the fresh air did me good. I’m not saying the 10km walk did my feet any good though!

But you know… Scotland ain’t so bad afterall! 

A panoramic shot of just one of the bridges with magnificent surroundings I found myself on today.


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