Sister Act!

Well… today, I converted to a nun.

Not really, sadly.

That’s right, I went to see Sister Act The Musical at the Grand Theatre, Glasgow and what a time I had!

Since my sister told me she got us tickets to the Saturday matinee performance, I literally started counting down the seconds! If you haven’t guessed by now, I am  (and my sister is of course) a huge Sister Act fan, ever since I saw the first one starring Whoopi Goldberg and then the second one, I fell in love with it straight away.

So, when I found out there was a musical version of it, I was literally bouncing off the walls!

Last night, I spent a heck of a long time on YouTube searching for anything to do with the musical I was to see the next day. I must say, the music I heard was amazing but I was rather disappointed to find that none of the music from the original films was included in the musical version, but I guess that couldn’t be helped probably because of copyright reasons or something.

After a very tasty lunch at Subway, my sister and I -after getting a bit lost but that was soon sorted out by the help of Google Maps- made our way up the one, long road to the King’s Theatre, a theatre I have been in quite a few times and even performed on it once with a choir with BLAKE… nothing too special… after talking with my mum, it seems I am an idiot and got my theatres mixed up… my bad. 

My souvenir brochure, wristband and the bag they came in. Fabulousness!

After collecting our tickets (as my sister ordered them online) and purchasing a few souvenirs, we made our way around the building to the gallery doors. As soon as we were in the building, there was that very distinctive theatre smell in the air: a mix of ladies’ expensive perfumes, some mens’ aftershaves, minty fresh chewing gum, confectionery and a few other things, a smell which I would, without a doubt or any hesitation, put in a cigarette and smoke (this coming from the boy who cannot stand people smoking at all).

After climbing about four flights of stairs, we eventually reached the top o’ the building and I was reminded of how high up we were to be. Nonetheless, we had a superb view.

After the unbearable waiting as we were rather early, the show finally began and straight away I wanted to get up and dance my backside off. No exaggeration, nothing in the world would have been able to control my excitement!

Before I knew it, it was the interval. A whole hour or so of amazing music, outstanding moves and hilarious comedy had already went by in what only seemed like ten minutes!

The second half was soon starting and filling us all once again with the faboulousness atmosphere and then, before we knew it, the grand finale was upon us and the show was over. I felt like crying. It went in far too quick and yet I had seen such a lot of great things!

I was no longer disappointed about the original music not being in the musical afterwards because, to be honest, the music in the actual musical was just as good, if not, better! The cast was amazing and so convincing and hilarious and deserved every applause they got, the orchestra: amazing, the lighting: outstanding, the sets: unbelievably amazing… everything was just fantastic!

The music,the  dance, the comedy, the storyline, the everything was just amazing and I honestly wish I could just go back to this morning and live the whole day again!

Well, sadly I’m back home just listening to the songs from the Musical on YouTube, just sitting here typing about what an amazing day I have had. It really was a fantastic day and I would do anything to relive it! A huge thank you to my sister for taking me to see this, and a huge thank you to anyone involved in the production for just being amazing and filling hundreds upon hundreds of people with joy and excitement every single day!




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