Won’t Be Doing That Again!

So, last week, I published a post containing a poll and said I would make polls a regular feature if they were popular enough and got enough feedback.

Well, let’s just say there wasn’t an awful lot of voters. There was only 6 voters, whom I thank for their vote.

So, for the benefit for the voters and anyone else who wants to know what 6 peoples’ favourite day of the week is, here are the results [Click to view larger image]:

So Monday’s the favourite, a rather surprising outcome.

I’m not saying I’ll never do a poll again, I just won’t waste my time on doing it regularly.

Anyways, I was actually scheduled to publish this tomorrow (Saturday) but I thought I’d do it tonight and give you the next, scheduled chapter of “The Boom” as it always was.

I’m also really excited for tomorrow as I am going to see Sister Act the Musical with my sister! I can assure you, there will be a blog post related to that at some point of the week…

Anyways, for now, Good night!


One Comment Add yours

  1. angelnicki says:

    LOL! Don’t you hate when you have an idea that you think will be fun for your blog, and then everyone is just kind of like, “Eh…” Happens to me all the time!



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