What’s YOUR Favourite Day of the Week?


First of all, apologies. Apologies for not publishing the next chapter of The Boom . The main reason for this is because the next chapter is a long chapter and I’ve just not had time to finish it. So, as a bonus, I will post Chapters 4 AND 5 next MONDAY. That’s right instead of The Boom content  How exciting for you. I’m sure this is really exciting for you, isn’t it?

So, to the main purpose of this blog post. I’m starting the frequent polls again.

Basically, earlier on in the year, I did a thing where I would post a weekly poll, usually on a Friday, just about random things for example one off of the top of my mind was, “Which do you prefer, Sausage Rolls or Burgers?” which was just… the most random thing ever.

At first, the polls done quite well, and I would post the results in the next week’s poll post. However, some weeks, the polls would not get a lot of attention so I just stopped.

However, now that I have considerably more followers on Twitter and here on my blog, I thought I’d give it a go again.

So, to get us started, let us start with a really cheesy one, just to let me and you get the hang of it.

I’ll be posting the results of the poll next Saturday when the next poll will be published.

I look forward to counting your vote!



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