It Is Impossible to X-Ray a Library

Let us start the week off with the weirdest and most abstract photo I’ve ever took and edited.

“It is impossible to x-ray a library”. After a very long time editing this photo (a few minutes) I discovered some effect which I can not remember the name of, which allows you to turn a photo into a photo consisting of only two colours. I experimented with lots of colours on this random photo of a library somewhere I took ages ago, until I got the mix of a really pale blue and black to make an x-ray effect.

However, in an x-ray, you usually see all the stuff inside, for example, all the bones in the body of a human. So, why do we not see the shelves of books and other library things?

Well, I could have spent a long time editing it to make it look like a proper x-ray, but I’d rather just keep it this way for two reasons: a) There is a mystical and cheesy paragraph to follow and b)  That would take too long and would be way to advanced for me and I would never get off of my backside to do it.

Here’s my excuse then, the whole mystical thing…

I believe that you cannot tear apart the inner bones and structures within any library. After all, a library mainly consists of books, shelves and all that stuff, right? Well, in order to really appreciate a library, one must actually enter the library and discover each part, or each book one by one to fully appreciate it.

Cheesy, I know, but it saves a heck of a lot of editing.



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