My Life in Writing


Hey there! Remember me? Yeah.. I’m that kid who doesn’t have much of a life outside of the house so instead blogs about his very exciting (not) life frequently. Or at least is supposed to do that…

Yeah, I guess I have been pretty busy recently. Not. Well. Ish. I just started school again after possibly the worst summer I ever had, which is kind of ironic because around six or seven weeks ago, I said I would make this year’s summer holiday the best yet. Well… that didn’t go to plan.

I blame the weather. Nothing but rain for six weeks solid. Well… a bit of an exaggeration it may seem, but it it felt like that – we only had about three and a half days of sunshine. But hey, I’m not here to moan about the weather and my holidays…

I’m here to write about the things I have been thinking about recently. You may think it is one of the cheesiest things you’ve read all day by the time you get to the bottom of this blog post but hey, give me a chance, blogging helps me develop my thoughts. Apparently. And it is exactly my thoughts which I want to develop.

You see, recently I’ve been thinking about the things I guess we all think about at this stage of our lives. The thought that life is too short. And really, when you think about it, it kind of is. But when I think about it, it kind of isn’t. I am a teenager, as I remind you in just about every blog post I write. So far I’ve lived… ok let’s just put my age out there… 15 years of my life.  It may seem like a long time if you think about anything lasting 15 years, but really when it comes to life – it’s nothing.

My blog is my book, my book of my life,

Hopefully, I will live until  am actually of old age – 70s to 80s maybe even 90s or even 100s! Or who knows, I may even die of some other cause which I hope will not be the case. But my point is, I haven’t reached even a quarter of my life yet. I’m practically still a baby. I know I act like one sometimes. But hey, we all do… right? I have so much of my life left (with a bit of luck and caution) which I hope to live to the fullest.

All this is the reason I have changed my blog’s title and tagline. It used to be something like “Just Another Person’s Blog” as the title and “Welcome to the world of a Scottish teenager” as a tagline – which, to be honest was fairly accurate and suited my blog rather well – but I feel as if it is so much more than that. So, I have renamed it “The Prologue of My Life” and the tagline is “Life is only beginning” because you know what?- It is true.

I like to think of my life as a book. A pretty standard book. One which has a prologue, multiple chapters, and a happy ending (hopefully). And right now, I like to think of my position as at the beginning – the prologue of the book. The bit before the main chapters, the main story with many events.

So I like to think of this blog, at the moment, as a record of my prologue. It basically is the book of my life. Sadly, I didn’t have my blog when I was born, or when I was growing up so I don’t have a record of my younger life. HOWEVER, I am considering starting something called “The Memory Bank” which will involve me sharing my past experiences as a child which I would love to do because it would just be like walking down memory lane and would give me something to look back at, but at the same time, some of my experiences may  even give you a laugh! And believe me, I have had some pretty funny experiences! So, I hope to start that soon!

So, just a simple blog post explaining my current thoughts and feelings. I really do enjoy blogging and I never want to go all commercial with my blog, I just want to keep it nice and personal as well as sharing it with my growing audience whom I am extremely grateful to. I’ll always post my photography here, and yes I may try new things here and then but it will always be my blog, My life in writing.

I’ll blog to ‘yae’ on the next page…



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