Well That Wasn’t Expected!

Teens all over Scotland either dread or look forward to today. Why? Well, today is the day we get our exam results, our qualifications, our hope for the future.

I only did one exam this year, my English. I thought since it was only the one exam, we’d get our results at school, but I soon found out we too were joining the thousands upon thousands of students who would be expecting the letter box to open, and the famous white envelope to come through.

I can’t remember if I wrote anything on my blog after my exam but let’s just say I wasn’t feeling 100% happy about it, yet not too bad about it. So, I was kinda dreading today.

At first, I was disappointed. Not because of my exam results because there were none. All that came through the post was an advert for a food store and their special deals on gravy. However, the postman returned and I rushed downstairs to see the envelope addressed to me.

It was definitely like the opposite of Christmas – never have I opened anything so slowly in my life. Eventually, I forced myself to look at my results and the first number my eyes settled on was a five.

Okay, now may be a good time to briefly explain the Scottish qualification system thing for any non Scottish readers. I don’t know a lot about it myself, but I do know the basics. Basically for this particular set of results which came under ‘Standard Grade’, is based on numbers which are related to three categories – foundation, general, and credit, credit being at the top. 1 & 2 means credit, 3 & 4 means general, and 5 & 6 means foundation and I believe a seven is a fail. It works something like that. I was sitting a credit exam, so I was shocked when I read the number five.

As I calmed myself down a bit, I realised that the number five was not my mark but part of this other level thing (which I cannot remember the name of) which turned out a good level. My actual, overall grade, was a 1. – The best you can get. I near enough fainted at this point! Never was I expecting such a good mark!

The overall grade was based on three things – talking, writing and reading which consisted of your folio ( your coursework from the year) and your exam. I was very pleased with my results:

  • Talking…………1
  • Writing…………1
  • Reading………..2 (Still credit level!)

I wasn’t disappointed at my reading result because I kept thinking I wouldn’t even get a credit mark!

So there I have it, my first ever set of results and my first ever qualification. Achieving such great results has gave me a boost, knowing that if I put my head down and work hard, I will achieve just as good results in all of my subjects when I sit them next year. Hopefully, this time next year, I will be blogging about how many ones and twos and As and Bs I got!

Here’ s hoping to a successful school year ahead!

I just need to keep up the good work and get many more credit grades!

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  1. rachael says:

    Well Done Aaron!



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