When Good Days Turn Bad

First item on the agenda – an apology. Not that anyone would care, I must apologise for not blogging as frequently as usual. I have an excuse however, and it is up to you if you want to believe it or not. You see, the other day, I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden a huge beam of bright light shone from above me. I felt myself lifting off of the ground, and the sense of weightlessness was just unreal. Soon, I felt my feet touch something solid and was no longer floating. I was on a space ship. In front of me, hovered two dog-like creatures with some cat features. What happened next was beyond me, as they knocked me unconscious. Next time I woke up, I was back in my bed.

Okay, poor excuse. I guess my real excuse is just tiredness, laziness, and a bit of a lack of flow of imagination. I’ve just not had any ideas recently for blogging, and I know that really shouldn’t matter for a small blogger like me – after all, I usually just post about anything on my mind. Well, nothing has really been on my mind recently.

But hey, I’m here now, and this is a post, right? Good, okay down to business. Well, it is hardly business, but you get what I mean.

Not yesterday, but the day before  (I guess it would have been easier to say ‘Saturday’ but no, I don’t do anything simple round here), I went to the beach with the family. Nothing exciting, as we literally live there – we spend more time at the seaside than we do at home.

The day started off as normal. The weather at home was quite nice so we assumed it would be nice at the coast as well. As we drove nearer to the beach, the weather did start to dull down a little but it soon picked up and we were eating our sandwiches and drinking our tea, looking out to the sea and the bright blue sky.

Of course, a trip to the beach without having my camera, would be like a teacup without tea. As it was the same beach as always, I thought it’d be hard to get a good and new image as I already have a large amount of beach photos, but, I managed to snap a few, good looking ones!

The first is what I just had to name “She Spilled Seashells on the Seashore”. Assuming you’ve heard of the tongue twister that is “She sells seashells by the seashore”. That is exactly what this image had reminded me of – never had I seen so many seashells in one area, so I assumed she that sells the seashells had a nasty accident and spilled them. I thought the black and white effect worked really well here.

The sand on the beach was really weird – something like a tractor must have done something to it because it was so textured yet so smooth as you can see here.

Finally, the main attraction. As I said, the weather started off just fine, but I didn’t mention that the day soon turned into a stormy one. As Mother and  I strolled along the beach, we heard the terrifying roars of thunder from behind us. Behind us was a huge, grey storm cloud which really was rather scary. When I finally snapped the picture, I was lucky enough to get the contrast between the good weather and the bad, hence the reason this blog post is entitled “When Good Days Turn Bad”.



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