What a Day!

Today was very eventful. In a good way. I did my good deed for the day, but what an emotional time I had as well as a fun time.

I was doing some volunteer work in my local care-home for the elderly, as part of my Society of Saint Vincent De Paul (SSVP) group. I was expecting a fun day with my friends doing up the garden and walking away proud. I certainly ticked everything off of that list but a heck of a lot of other emotions and experiences went through me.

The old folk’s home as most call it, was lovely. Very clean, but  a great sense of community, love and friendship was clearly visible, from the staff to the residents themselves. The elderly always leave this really sad emotion deep inside me, whether I am in a home or not. I guess it is the knowledge of them being lonely or unhappy with things, I don’t really know. I just feel helpless towards them for some reason.

The care-home I was at had some interesting things, but the one that stood out the most to me was the many frames lining up the corridors. Not just frames containing cheap artwork, or random pictures, but a whole load of memorabilia. Literally, a trip down memory lane. In the frames were either advertisements from many years up until as far as the early 1900s and many newspaper articles from the sinking of the Titanic, to Nixon no longer being president. A great idea, to help those who’s memory may not be the same. I was completely mind-blown at the whole thing and just had to take a picture or two. Of course, I am going to share them with you below!

The first one is a front page of the JFK Assassination and the second one about the first ever moon landing. Apologies for the poor quality, as I captured them with my phone.

As well as this rather unique reading experience a very scary yet sad thing happened as well. The weather was rather random today and as the forecast called for, there were many short showers as well as some thunder and lightning. Luckily, the care-home gave us a very small lounge room for the day to take shelter in when the rain got bad. Usually, residents would come in this room just for some relaxation, but no one really minded.

However, when taking a break as the rain poured down outside, inside this very cramped room where about ten of us had to squeeze into, an elderly woman walked in with only one shoe on. She was clearly confused but we thought we would just help her along and give her the space. One of the girls in the group was kind enough to give up her seat for the woman. After a few attempts, the woman finally sat down, but then almost immediately got up again, attempting to take her cardigan off. Again, we assisted her. However, the woman must have got very paranoid with about eight teenagers all standing up in a crowded room around her, so she just left the room, leaving her cardigan behind. After she left, we were just all speechless and were near enough creating our own raindrops from our eyes. Such a sad yet eye opening experience which I will never forget.

But I guess a lot of good things has come from today. I’ll always think of elderly people in a much different way now, and I feel as if there must be some way to contribute my skills, kindness, and all sorts of things towards them. Whether that’s volunteering again in a gardening project like this, or something similar. I just know I have more to offer.

— — — — — —

Okay, away from all that stuff, I thought I’d just share with you a photo I took whilst visiting a recycling type of place thing, where my dad and I visited this evening to get rid of a few stuff we didn’t need. I’d been here before, when I was a very, very young child but I could hardly remember much. However, when we arrived at the place, I was kind of amazed at how modern it was and how organised it was – just a simple drive in, drop, drive out. Being myself, I just had to snap a picture!


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