A World Before My Time

I guess being born in the late 90s is a great advantage to me and anyone else who was born at that time. Why? Well, we were born into a world of technology. We were brought up with the basic computers and the dial up internet that would take forever to load. Being brought up in a world like this meant we were more technologically advanced compared to others born in earlier years because of the advances in technology.

I was brought up in a house with one, gigantic computer. It was noisy, took forever to load and my sister and I would often fight over who would get to go on it the most. We had a very basic dial-up connection to the internet, which meant it took about 5 minutes for us to get online whilst listening to the torturous sounds of the process of connecting. Those were the good ol’ days as some may say.

Today however, I’m in a home with two, fairly light and slim laptops, multiple smartphones, mp3 players, internet radios and most importantly, a good, fast, wireless internet connection. Well… that is what it used to be anyway…

Over the past few days, my internet connection has just got slower, and slower, and slower. My dad and I cannot work out why (mother does not get a say in these situations as she is the worst person to consult in any technological query) why this has been happening. We tried calling our ISP (Internet Service Provider) for help and they just told us to try moving our router around the house, through different ports, as well as making sure the router is dust-free. We tried everything they told us, as well as some of our own methods, but no result whatsoever.

The whole crisis started just about early Friday evening. I was just surfing the web as usual, about to create a blog post on my thoughts on the Olympics when suddenly everything was going really slow. Thinking it was just a temporary thing, I ignored it and tried to get on to Twitter. That alone took about five minutes to load and tweets were not updating, and I couldn’t tweet for some reason. Once again, I thought it would be temporary. I attempted to move on to Facebook. This was worse. First, the five minute torture of staring at the little rotating circle giving me no hope of the page loading, and when I thought it had loaded, I actually just got a huge error message thing from Google Chrome. Anger was settling in.

I tried YouTube. Five minute wait just as all the other pages. With the success of actually being able to see the homepage (despite missing thumbnails and images), I clicked on a random video. The page alone took about three to four minutes to load with missing thumbnails and images yet again and when the actual video appeared, the dreaded buffering animation thing showed up as well. Another five minutes before I got just one frame of the video which was followed by the buffering sign, yet again.

At this point, I was clawing at my hair in absolute pain. Never before had I experienced a connection as slow as this, not even through dial-up all those years ago! I began to ponder as to why my connection was suddenly in an awful state. My first theory was that the Olympics, since it was the night of the opening ceremony, was causing some interruptions. After texting a few friends, it turned out that I was the only one with this bad a connection. My anger at the Olympics soon eased a little. I gave up for the night, told my parents, and just sat and watched the opening ceremony like the other half of the population. Oh the joy.

So here I am on Sunday evening having went through three whole days of torture. Why? Well first of all, our ISP wasn’t much help and second of all, being a Sunday, we aren’t able to call our ISP as they aren’t open. Shame on them. So, three whole days of very, very, very slow internet. The pain is honestly unbearable.

I have had to find alternative options to pass the time. Nothing internet related. I have overplayed the piano now (yes, that is possible), I have ran out of ink in all the felt-tip pens in my house, I’ve not been reading my current book because I somehow misplaced it, I’ve slept far too much, I’ve overused my phone’s data allowance. I’ve done everything possible in my house. I EVEN DID HOUSEWORK. THAT IS THE WORST THING!

However, all this not using the internet has gave me an insight as to how people before my time lived, hence the reason for the post title of “A World Before My Time”. What they did for entertainment in those days is way beyond me, because without a decent internet connection, I am practically dead.

Now, if you are really smart, you may be thinking how I published this post. Well, first of all I typed it on  Word Processor which luckily does not require an internet connection, otherwise I would not have any hair left, and second of all it will probably take about five minutes to publish. Grr.

Luckily, tomorrow whilst my dad will be on the phone with some strong words to my ISP, I won’t have to be tortured with slow internet connections, as I will be out for most of the day, helping out at a local care-home with some friends, giving them a nice, little garden.  All for the sake of good will and all that. I’ll probably do a blog post afterwards, depending on whether or not I have an internet connection.

Ah well.



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