One Other Night Outside of my Window

You may remember about a month ago, I published a post about me getting into Videography, and my first try at it. If you don’t remember or this is the first time you’ve been on my blog, then do click here to refresh/update  your memory.

Anyways, I had a go at a very similar thing last night – trying to film the sun setting. Somehow, nothing ever seems to go right for me when I do these things. Things like batteries dying, memory overloading, it just isn’t simple enough for me. This is the reason there are lots of lumps and bumps through out the video. But anyway, here it is, I’ll make up my excuses below the video.

Okay if you seen the last video attempt of capturing the sun, you’ll probably be thinking I used the same footage. Well, I can honestly say I haven’t. I can however, tell you that it was focused on the same position than last time, and pretty much the same time. However, in the other sunset video, there was one thing missing. The sun itself. In this newer video, it is obvious that the sun is present and you can slowly see it going down. I had to speed it up 4 times the original speed otherwise the video would have been way too long and boring to watch. However, I am thinking about making a full length video of the sun setting or something like that, purely for the relaxation or whatever uses.

Anyways, there are a few skips and jumps in the video, but that is purely because it is a different clip. My batteries either ran out or my focus wasn’t right or my memory got used up, which is why it isn’t just the one, smooth running clip.

Ah well, better luck next time!



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