Only in My Bedroom

When I opened my browser, and went onto my blog and decided to create a new post, I stared at the screen. Staring at the screen was all I could do, because I had no idea what I was to write. This situation has been becoming a bit of a problem, and is the reason I have introduced the new Ask feature on my blog which I would be very thankful if you checked out. Anyways, I did not know what to write. So, I just sat back, nearly falling off of my chair and looked around the room in depression. There must have been something to write about, but it just was not coming to me. I closed my eyes for about a second, and when I opened them, my eyes were focused on the far corner where my digital piano sits, which is also the home of my small possessions such as ornaments or mini statues and junk like that. Well I thought ‘junk’ at first, but after I looked at it, I realised that it certainly was not junk, and in fact, my room was full of this ‘junk’ that isn’t really junk.

Objects that have sentimental value to me. Probably worth nothing but means a lot to me. So, after my eureka moment, I decided I would write a photography type of article thing for my blog. It was the best I could do, and may possibly have been fun.

So, I guess I shall start the main part of the post right… here. I thought I would share with you the little things that surround me in my bedroom that no one else may have or may find worthless yet I find them so attached to me. Let us begin.

The Parrot

This may look like a cheap, £1.00 ornament bought with a purchase in a video store. Well, it is a cheap, £1.00 ornament bought with a purchase in a video store. Now I know what your immediate reaction is. ‘Video store!?’ Yeah, this was bought quite a few years ago, when video tapes were still a little popular despite the competition between DVDs. We were on Holiday in Blackpool on the North Coast of England where we usually go when we want to get away from it all. We were just shopping around and came across a hidden sort of video tape shop with lots of the classics. It was to close soon however, and a lot of their stock was reduced. So, when Mother and Father had got to the till with heaps of video tapes, the woman serving us asked if we wanted a novelty statue for £1.00 with the purchase. My parents just turned to me and told me to pick from the wide variety of animal figures, as a treat. The parrot stood out to me so I chose that one.  And I guess the rest is history really. There’s just something really sentimental about it however, and I don’t really know why. Maybe the fact it was a gift, or maybe that I’ve just had it for this long, I’m kind of attached to it. I’m surprised it is still in good condition despite it being thrown around the place now and then when I can’t be bothered tidying up and I hope it stays this way. Maybe one day I’ll find out why it is so sentimental. Or maybe not.

The Dog

This may seem like an ordinary soft toy. Well… it is an ordinary soft toy. To any other person at least. Not to me. To me, it is one of the most sentimental things I own. I remember the day I got it. I was crying in my mum and dad’s faces for a soft toy from a now extinct store called Woolworths. I was only in Primary One at the time and the reason I wanted it was because all my friends in my class used to bring them to school and when we had something called ‘Golden Time’ which was just really time at the end of the week to play around, they would all bring them out and start playing with them. I always felt left out so I pleaded my mum and dad for one, and eventually, I got one. This is about the only thing I have have left from childhood which makes it so precious to me. The weirdest thing is that it doesn’t have a name – I wasn’t interested in names for it when I got him, and yes it is a ‘him’ (I think). I was only interested in my new best friend. And you know what? He still is in a away, he’s like a symbol of my childhood, and one which I never wish to forget.

The Little Fishing Boat

This is a rather sentimental item of mines as well. A tiny little wooden souvenir. You may be able to pick up the word ‘Girvan’ on the side. Well, that is because it was from Girvan. My dad bought it for me a few years ago when we were there. The reason as to why it means something to me is because of my dad. When he was a boy , he used to always be brought to Girvan on holiday, so being in girvan for me is kind of like re-living my dad’s childhood, and I guess it is just nice to have a reminder of that around.

The Blackpool Stuff

Ever since I can remember, the only place we, as a family, have went on holiday to, is Blackpool, a town on the North Coast of England. You may remember this when I was writing about ‘The Parrot’ above. I’ve never been on a plane, never been abroad, never been anywhere other than Blackpool for a holiday. And you know what? I’d hate for it to change. It has always been a magical place to me. To others, it may seem like a place for stag/ hen parties to get drunk and have sex and the rest of it, but to me, it still seems like the place for my family to be even although my parents are beginning to think otherwise, but I shall not let us get our hopes down!

Anyway, I do not know what my room would be if I did not have my Blackpool stuff. My little ornaments, my photos and everything else.

The Canvas… Just the other day, I managed to buy a great canvas sort of illustration of Blackpool from a local clothes store. I know it is a bit weird it not being in Blackpool, but I just had to buy it anyways, especially at such a low price of £2.50 ! On the little caption on the bottom of the canvas, it says “OFFICIAL GUIDE 6d STAMP FROM D. PORTER, TOWN HALL, BLACKPOOL TRAIN SERVICES AND FARES FROM RAILWAY STATIONS, OFFICES & AGENTS” Which to be honest with you, I don’t know what the heck it means. However, it allows me to wake up every day and see my second home in a way.

The Tickets… The Blackpool Tower has to be one of the most iconic figures in Blackpool. Inside is a great family day out. I seriously do not kid you on, inside a world of magic and awe comes to you and is open for you to explore. The Blackpool Tower Ballroom for example – the only reason I am obsessed with theatre organs now thanks to the mighty Wurlitzer of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom! A magnificent array of roof paintings and seas of gold and red! The tower is also home to the famous Blackpool Circus which I have been lucky enough to see a few times, with different themes every year. As well as that, you can go up all the 500 and something feet to the top of the tower and the view goes on for some amount of miles! The tickets here, I think, are from the circus, and those are just some of the tickets and souvenirs of Blackpool on that wall!

The Keyrings… In almost every souvenir shop, corner shop, market, gift shop in Blackpool, you are sure to find the same old traditional Keyrings that have always been on sale for as far back as I can remember. Over the years of going to Blackpool, I have usually come home with one or two of them. They usually end up on keys, or bags, or something like that but it was only recently I decided I would start a collection. I have quite a few now hanging on my wall, and I hope to keep adding to this collection. I guess they are a sign that some things don’t change in Blackpool!

All of the above aren’t all the things I own related to Blackpool! – I have tonnes more stuff from soft toys to ornaments from vintage pictures I bought to brochures and programs! If I had shared them on this blog post, I assure you, you would be reading a book! I just do not know where I would be without my Blackpool stuff, and I just love to have these memories surrounding me.


Like the Blackpool Stuff, these aren’t all the sentimental things I own, that maybe not a lot of other people would have or know of. I own a heck of a lot of stuff, but I guess the ones I shared with you throughout this blog post were the most iconic to me, and most sentimental.

Where I would be without these things, I do not know and I hope to always have these items and to add to my collection of sentimental items.

These items are the illustrations to the book called “My Life” – A book published when I was born and will be lost when I die. I am the only one who owns this book. It isn’t touchable, it’s just readable in my head. Like any other book, it has its ups and downs but all I want from this book, is a happy ending.



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