Who Needs Sleep, ‘Rubbish’ and Cars?

On Monday of this week, I started a diet with the rest of my family. It is much needed. On Sunday night, I got the same lecture I always get before going on a diet which usually fails. The lecture mainly consists of Father explaining that I can loose weight better because I am growing, and that there is nothing stopping me, and that I’ll benefit from it and all that jazz. Although all true, I could recite the lecture through my sleep – it’s unbelievable. However, maybe for once, I have actually listened to the lecture and I’m paying attention to it.

It took me half of the very, very early hours of Monday morning to think through the lecture. Besides eventually boring myself to sleep, I thought I’d keep my word to myself for once. ‘I will go on this diet’ I thought. ‘And I will stick to it’. There was no way I could loose out. I could give it a go, and if I would be able to see a visible difference after a week or two, then I’d stick to it.

I say ‘diet’ but really it is a lot more than a diet because a diet only really refers to what one eats or restricts themselves to, right? Well it is according to my google enquiry, so it must be right. This whole ‘thing’ we started on Monday isn’t just a diet, it is a plan of action.

The same early hours of Monday morning, when I was thinking about the lecture, I was also thinking of how I would get my body in to shape and what I can do to improve my lifestyle. It was the best way of beating Insomnia. Just like that, a light bulb appeared above my head, and it wasn’t just me switching my light on. My first problem. Sleep. Too much of it. That was the problem. Since my summer holidays began, I had been going to bed very late and getting up very late. If I continued this through to the end of the summer holidays, I calculated that it would mean I spent half of my summer holidays sleeping and it is not an exaggeration. How would I ever be able to eat healthier and get more active if half my days were spent sleeping? It had to stop. I decided I would conquer this problem. Simple thinking was all it would take. In a split second, I knew what I had to do. Go to bed earlier, force myself out of bed with an alarm early in the morning. After a short period of time doing this, I would surely be used to it, and wouldn’t have any problems.

One of the main reasons I end up going to a very late bedtime, isn’t because my parents don’t care about me and let me go to bed whenever I wan, which, to set the records straight, they do care and give me orders to go to bed when they think is suitable, but is because of technology. Mainly my smartphone. About every teen these days, has one. Being able to surf the web, talk to friends, play games and a whole load of other wonders and amazements is just great, and being able to do it under the covers thinking your parents don’t know is just even better. Although, Father has some sort of radar that senses that I am using my phone when I shouldn’t be and usually carries out surprise attacks on me, taking my covers away and revealing me with my phone, which followed it being confiscated for the rest of that night and the next night. This was all to change in my new plan of action. I would sit my phone far away from my bed so that in the event of getting desperate, I wouldn’t reach out for it and spend all night on it. No. Even better, I would set my alarm on my phone, which would be situated at the opposite end of the room from my bed, which would force me to get up, dart across the room and get my brain working to unlock my phone and put the alarm off. By then I should be awake and alert, ready to start the day bright and early, with a smile on my face.

So, part one of my plan of action has been going well for the past two days. Eight o’clock every morning, I have had to dart across the room to switch my alarm off whilst getting my brain awake and not being able to go back into bed. A success so far, and I can only hope I can keep the good work up.

But sleep wasn’t all I had to think about that night, lying in my bed. The diet itself had to be looked into. Thanks to Biology, I knew that a diet was what a human or an animal mainly eats, but thanks to google I also knew it was the name given to a period of time where us humans restrict ourselves to certain foods and certain amounts.

My mum always says it’s the ‘rubbish’. You may be sitting confused right now. Rubbish? Well, I don’t even know if I could call it Scottish slang, because  the only people who I have heard saying such things, are in my family. Anyway, I’ll have to briefly explain it. Our term of ‘rubbish’ means junk food. Food we eat for pleasure but doesn’t do our bodies much good. Simple? Good.

I guess it is true however, it is the ‘rubbish’ or the junk food that piles most of the weight on. So, in my thinking I decided I would protest against those sorts of foods. Don’t eat them at all, except from a Saturday, where I would allow myself ONE and one only, single chocolate biscuit – a low calorie one because it must be important to treat yourself now and then, right?

The next thing I thought of diet wise, was portions and scheduling. Portions are understandable when it comes to food, but scheduling? I’m meaning how often I eat. There are three main meals spread evenly throughout the day in our household (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which should be enough to keep my energy going. However, up until I started this diet, if I felt just a little hungry, I’d take a biscuit now and then with one of my many cups of tea during the day, which I have also cut down on. As part of my plan of action, I decided I wouldn’t even have a biscuit after my dinner and would only have a chocolate biscuit on a Saturday. I can do without the ‘rubbish’.

And, I have. I have successfully went through two whole days without one single biscuit or chocolate or sweet. Nothing.

However, all this stopping ‘rubbish’ and and not eating before meals didn’t seem enough when planning that night. Portions. I have always ate too much. Ever since being a child really. I would watch other people complaining about being too full to eat any more and they’ve all got half a meal on there plates. Not me, I would eat everything on my plate, and I’d take any extras. I guess this is maybe a combination of a great love for the taste of great food and being told several times as a child at  school and at home, that I shouldn’t waste food and be grateful because  there are people starving all over the world. Probably a guilty conscience making me eat and appreciate my food.

To resolve this I asked my Mum not to make bigger portions of food when needed. Simple as that, and if there is too big a portion, I would just leave what’s left as soon as I feel that I am full. If every other person can do it, I can.

So, like the whole sleep part of the plan of action the diet part has been going swimmingly well. I’ve been eating no chocolate or biscuits or sweets and instead I’ve been eating a whole range of fruit from strawberries, to bananas, from apples to peaches – after all, they taste just as good and sweet! As well as that, I’ve been cutting down in portions leaving what I can’t eat behind, as well as not eating anything between meals. So far so good, and I only hope I can continue with the good work, yet again.

Finally, the last part of the action plan. Exercise. They say you can eat as healthy as you want but it means nothing if you don’t do enough exercise. Well, we never really did much exercise, and since I’m not at school and unable to do P.E (Physical Education), it is harder to exercise. Well, it was. 

Since Monday morning, my mum and I have been going crazy with the famous sport called… wait for it… wait for it…  Walking.

It may not seem exciting and whenever my mum asks if we want to go walking, it doesn’t seem to appealing to me either. However, when we’re actually out and about and as long as we chat, it flies by and the feeling of knowing you’ve done yourself good at the end is amazing. For example today, we walked about three/ four miles in total. First of all, we walked to the dentists which was about 3/4 of a mile away, then straight after our appointment, we walked about half a mile up a very steep brae and then walked around shops for quit some time. Then, towards night time, we walked from our house to the supermarket which was about in total, roughly two miles. So not bad! Hopefully we’ll keep going until we’re fit and healthy!

So, that’s my ‘plan of action’ sorted. It took all this time for me to realise that all it takes is a positive attitude towards things and a clear and open mind. Believe me, it can make a world of difference! Believe in yourself and know that you can do it – it’s working for me!


Please note all images in this post are my own unless stated otherwise. 




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