Introducing Chat!


If you are reading this, chances are you are reading it on my blog. Well, if you look up the page to the blue navigation bar, you will see a link saying “Chat ᴺᴱᵂ“. Well, as you can probably guess, this is the centre of attention for this blog post.

I’ve always loved the internet. Well, nearly always. And I’ve loved nothing more than connecting with people who share the same interests with me, or who are just great and extraordinary people. Luckily, thanks to the internet, there have been many ways to connect with these great people.

Social media is probably the most successful and famous for some people. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, help normal people, iconic figures, and businesses connect with an audience suited to them. But it’s not exactly like talking to someone face to face, is it?

Luckily, internet has brought us another way to connect with people. Instant chat. The ability to chat to people at one time, without the trouble of actually having to travel places to meet them, or give too much about yourself away. This is exactly why I had to try out my own chat room.

I tried looking for the right chat client that a WordPress blog would accept. Because of WordPress’ safety features, they don’t allow any old HTML to be embedded on a site, so finding the right chat client was hard. Until I came across an old friend.

GeekShed, an Internet Relay Chat Network (or just IRC). I had used it before a few years ago, experimenting with online website builders such as, Yola and moonfruit, just for fun. I never really advertised it too much and it was only to try it out. However, I had used GeekShed in a few other sites such as the famous which is a great centre of attention for technology lovers. I usually don’t spend too long on that chat room, because I honestly are no way as interested in technology as those guys. It’s freaky!

Anyways, I decided I would give this client ago. However, the thought of embedding it on a site pulled me down. Just for the sake of it, I tried anyway. And what a result I got.

It worked.

So now, I have an instant chat room on my blog!

Okay, down to business.

The chat room is just a friendly place for friendly people to connect. You don’t have to be a reader of this blog to use the chat, and you certainly don’t need to talk about the blog on the chat. It;s just for fun and is a great time-passer!

Luckily, GeekShed is a very advanced chat client, which means admins and moderators can be added to the chat to make sure no bad guys (or gals)  get away with murder. Well, not quite murder, but I’m sure you get the picture. So, if anything, it’s a safe, family friendly chat room.

I guess I should now explain the whole logging in part…

Although there are many Instant Chat networks and clients out there that allow you to simply start typing under an anonymous username, GeekShed isn’t quite like that. Let me explain, it isn’t too complicated and once you do it once, you can do it a billion times.

If you wish to remain unregistered, then it is simple. When asked to log in, just simply type in any nickname you wish and no password. However, this will not be YOUR nickname. You may be able to use it again and again, but anyone else can use that same nickname and things could get confusing. But, if you want to keep it simple just stick with that method. You should also note that some nicknames may not be available, as nicknames may already be registered. So, I reccomend you have a unique username.

However, if you feel like you want your own username (and possibly the chance of being a chat moderator) , which cannot be stolen, it’s pretty simple. When asked to log in, type in the username you wish to register, and no password. Log in. Just chat for about a minute and then click on ‘Options’ above the chat. Then go for ‘Register Nickname’. You can simply take it from there. However, it is important to wait about a minute or two before registering, as GeekShed do this to ensure you are not spamming, or are a robot of some sort. Bad news to you if you’re a robot, sorry!

And if you already have  a GeekShed username? – Well, you know what to do, just log in!

Okay, now that the confusing part is away, let’s wrap this post up.

Once again, the chat is there for everyone, as long as you’re friendly. If you ever log on to the chat, and no one is online, then grab some of your friends to get onto the chat! – That’s what it is there for, for friendly people to communicate with other friendly people! Or if I am not online, and you wish to get me online, you can of course just tweet me @MeHawth. I’ll be sure to respond. Some time. Some day. Some month. Some year. Maybe never.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on to the chat even for only a minute or two to see how it feels! You never know, you may want to come back! – And you’re lucky, because I have embedded it below! Nothing is stopping you! (The original and main page of the chat is here if you prefer a bigger chat box)



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