Photography in the Home


At the moment, it is just near the middle of my summer holidays. To my regret, I have not taken one photo so far. It has either been too rainy and horrible weather outside to go out or I’ve had to be doing something else. No photos have been taken at all.

If you are a regular reader here, then you will know that I used to post at lease one or two photos a day. You may also be starting to wonder why on earth I haven’t been posting any in a while. Well, my excuse is as above.

So, today in all my moping around, I decided to do something about it. Although not too bad a day, weather wise, I was unable to go outside as my parents were too busy to drive anywhere, and I wouldn’t dare take my camera into the streets near me, alone. That’s one heck of a recipe for disaster.

After a little longer of moping, I decided to get off of my backside and use what was around me. Surely, there must be a few interesting things to photograph around and about the house? I was in luck.

I never thought I would get so many interesting and unusual pictures, but I guess nothing is impossible!

So, here are just some of the edited photos from today. I’ve uploaded them all in this blog post instead of one a day, just to kind of say sorry for not following my old schedule. So here you go, and sorry.

‘A Mug’s Jungle’. If you were a tiny being walking beside this mug tree, which I did make myself in my second year of high school, you would almost think you were in a mighty jungle of mugs. Wouldn’t you? Why else would it be called a mug tree?

‘A New Planet’. Looks like a planet doesn’t it? One which has never been discovered before until now? Well, silly you, it’s only a lump of de-frosting bacon for dinner.

‘I’m a Rusty Teapot’. This is quite an old teapot. We have never really used it, and yet it lays on the worktop, scratched, rusted and almost of no use to us now. Rest in peace, teapot.

‘No Man’s Land’. A chess board. A few fancy effects added. With the gap in the board, where no piece dares to go, you can’t help but call it no man’s land.

‘Stationary Stationary’. You can’t help but think (or at least I can’t help but think) that stationary never moves. Is that’s why it is called stationary? Because it is always stationary? Answer that one, Mr Einstein!


Ah well, that’s all I have for now!

Until the next time,




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