Haunteditis may not be a word, but in my books it is, because I made it up and because I say so.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let us move on with the blog post. I am of course talking about the invisible life on earth, the spirits of the dead, the paranormal, things that go bump in the night. Ghosts.

Usually, just the word ‘ghosts’ or ‘paranormal’ make me feel uneasy as I am so gullible and imaginative at the same time. I let my imagination run wild, allowing all kinds of thoughts to process through my so called ‘brain’.

Okay, maybe I am going a little too fast. What on earth possessed me to blog about ghosts? Well, as the description of a blog goes, it is a place to share one’s thoughts, feelings ideas and experiences. Well, the experience and thoughts I had just the other day were quite interesting and you may be interested in them as well. And yes, before you ask, there are a few ghost stories in this blog post. You may put on your happy face now.

Okay, so my mum, dad and sister were gathered in the living room, just drinking our cups of tea. I know this seems really typically British but really, we’re addicted to tea and just to set the records straight, we are in no way whatsoever posh or related to the queen. Anyway, we were talking about something, and then you know how talking about something can lead into another something which leads onto another something? Yeah, well that was what got us into the ghost thing. Don’t ask me what the previous conversations were about because a) I forgot and b) If I remembered and told you, it’s probably be something completely random.

Okay, I feel we’re going off track now. Darn.

So there we are, just sipping our tea, talking about ghosts as you do and my mum all of a sudden comes out with,

“Our old house was haunted.”

This was news to us! Of course, she was talking about the family’s first house, the one where I was brought up in really. We never thought for a minute, that the house was haunted. My immediate reaction was to enquire as to why on earth we didn’t know this when we were actually living there. It turns out my mum and dad didn’t want to scare us whilst we were living there. I can see the sense in that. Telling my sister or me that the house is haunted would cause serious sleep deprivation leading to death and becoming ghosts ourselves.

I was intrigued by the whole ‘living in a haunted house’ thing. I wanted to know more. So, I asked what kind of things they witnessed. My dad’s was probably the scariest. And you could tell he was serious because you know he’s serious when he puts that voice on, and he had that voice on.  Here’s his account of paranormal activity in the house. I should mention that I was not born for this event. Just to let you know.

Your sister and your mum were down visiting their granny, and I was in the house myself. I was sitting in the living room minding my own business when I hear footsteps in our bedroom, directly above the living room. Immediately, I ran up the stairs to see what it was. A robber maybe? A heavy animal? No. Nothing. I checked all the rooms, under every bed, in every crack in the wall. Nothing. No one. Not a thing. I just went back down stairs and carried life on as usual.

Now ain’t that a ghost story? This really got me even more intrigued into the hauntings of the house of which I was brought up in. Then my mum told us that she had a number of sightings, sounds and dreams related to the ghosts. Here is some of her accounts. I should mention that when ever she says ‘you’ she is referring to me, because she was talking to me. Just in case you didn’t quite work that one out.

When I was pregnant with you, I remember one night being in an uneasy sleep. When I was fully awakened during the night for some weird reason, I had seen a baby dressed in a grey robe, similar to one you would get at a christening, just floating above your dad’s head.

Scary stuff, eh? She continued with another…

Several nights, I was awoken for some weird, unknown reasons. We had these huge, glass mirror wardrobes to the left of or bed, you may remember them. Well, several nights, I would wake up, and see this face. As clear as day it was. Glowing in a very bright, white light. I didn’t take a lot of notice of it and just carried on life as usual, like your dad did about the footsteps.

Well, it seems the master bedroom was the centre of all of the paranormal activity. Except from the next story we were told by my mum…

You were just a baby. You were still in the cot and you would refuse to go to sleep if I wasn’t there to sing you a lullaby or tell you a story or rock you to sleep. One night, I was sitting by your cot, watching you dose off, when all of a sudden, I hear a whisper from behind me. In a really sharp and loud whispering voice, I simply hear the word ‘mum’. It was said about two to four times. In panic, I rushed out of your bedroom and to the top landing of the stairs. I shouted down to your dad and sister who were in the living room. I said “What is it?” thinking that maybe it was them saying it through the baby monitor or something. They hurried out of the living room and looked up at me only to reply with “We never called on you”. And it turns out the baby monitor was off.

Now if you aren’t hiding under a blanket or cuddling the nearest item to you by now, I seriously don’t know how. I was clinging with anxiety and nervousness on the edge of the couch. I can’t believe I was brought up in a haunted house. With my luck, I am probably possessed. I think I’ve known that for years, but that’s just our little secret.

The scariest thing and most eye opening thing was that the house could definitely be haunted. A neighbour who had lived beside the house for most of her life told my mum and dad that a baby once died there and she thought a women did as well. This could explain the baby floating above my dad’s head.

I then thought of the possibility of the upstairs flat I am living in right now, being haunted. My dad’s story of the footsteps above the living room, made me think of what I always thought to be a dream. Quite a few months ago, I recall having the same very realistic ‘dream’. I would be woken up in my sleep in my dream, to hear thunderous footsteps coming from above. All that is above is the loft packed with boxes. The fear levels I would experience in these dreams were just extraordinary and I was scared to go to sleep the night after. However, this dream did return to me a few times afterwards.

When I had told my mum this she immediately related to her own account of a similar thing. She said that not too long ago, she was sitting in the living room one morning, whilst we were still asleep, an she heard footsteps from above.

We were all feeling really freaked out at this point, so I tried lightening the mood a bit by making a point that the house we live in right now, is a brand new one and we are the first to ever live here. But my sister could not hold back…

“Maybe the house is built on top of some sort of ancient burial ground or something like that, or maybe when building the house, a builder died!”

Great. And before I could reply with anything, my mum and dad said something almost completely in synchronisation.

“The Mines”

“The Mines?” I replied with.

It turns out that the school that is right next to our house was built on top of coal mines that were used at some point but obviously became no use as they built a primary school on it. The tunnels and shafts would extend quite a bit, and maybe we live on top of one. Maybe where one miner died in an explosion or something like that.

So now, I think this house is haunted, and I fear I will end up severely suffering from sleep deprivation if I don’t stop letting my imagination go wild. Every night, since the stories of the hauntings, I’ve been listening for the slightest noise from above or on the same level as me, whilst hiding under the covers. I suppose watching ‘Ghost Hunters’ or ‘Most Haunted’ at night won’t help either.

I’ve always been a slight believer of ghosts but somehow the thought of them scares me quite a bit. However, I do love a good ghost story! So… let us see if this works.

I have created two things. A form and a poll. It would be great to hear peoples’ reactions and own thoughts towards towards the paranormal world. So, please, please, please, please, please fill in any of these. I WILL use the information gathered to create a separate blog post on the peoples’ reactions! I don’t know when exactly that post will be, it will depend on the amount of feedback I get!

Here is the poll:

Here is a form you can use to share any of your experiences or thoughts on ghosts. You can choose weather or not you want to just share it with me, or if you will allow it to be put into the special blog post I will do. There’s no limit!

Well, that’s all from me just now! I hope to get at least some feedback from you!

Until then.



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