I Opened the Vault

You know that blog post I posted earlier? You know, the one about my regrets of life and stuff? Well is not, you can click here to see it. It was sort of like a letter I would send to the newly born me if it were possible, which sadly it is not for now. And if it was possible? Then I reckon peoples’ lives would be much different. We would be changing the past.

After I wrote 2197 words to be exact, I felt a lot happier. You see, the whole concept of me looking out the window at the rain and reminiscing on my life in the past was slightly depressing me so I blogged about it, hoping it would lift my spirits a little. Luckily, it did. A bit too much maybe.

I’ve just returned to my room, to my computer, after sitting in the living room some time with my parents. It was a bit of a shock to them as I am either sat here behind my computer, or sleeping or something else, I’ll just always be in my room. The only time I leave is to go potty.

Anyway, I was somehow loured into the living room for some reason and all of a sudden I started talking about my life, as a child. From the very moment I started nursery up until I left my first primary school. I was surprised, but in a good was at what we all discovered.

It was like spring cleaning in a way. Well, I suppose I really couldn’t talk about that because we never really do huge clearances at the start of a season, we usually tend to clean every day. Or at least mother does. But anyway, it was like we found a box, hidden way in our loft, which contained lots of different shaped boxes in it which contained more boxes. This whole box-in-box thing would just never end.

You see, once we started at one memory, it would trigger another. Then another, and another and so on. When I was saying about us being surprised in a good way at what we discovered, it wasn’t anything drastic. It was simply the amount of memories we uncovered that we never thought we would remember.

For example, we some how worked out what my first ever film I saw at the cinema was. It was Monsters Inc which I first went to see with my nursery. That was quite a nice memory for me.

All sorts of memories popped up from then, such as my favourite toys as a child, my teachers at primary school, my first every girlfriend. Well… she was more of a… You know what… let’s just move on. We were too young anyways.

So there you have it. Maybe we really can remember everything we have done in our lives. From a maths test we once did to a really old password. Maybe, just maybe, our brain holds every single thing we have seen, heard, touched, though and so on. But maybe it just takes a heck of a lot of reminiscing to uncover memories beyond our wildest imagination.

Or maybe I’m just nuts.



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