Summer Holiday Blues


Wow. I have a blog. I forgot about that…

You probably know by now that it is my summer holidays so you would expect me to be blogging a lot more often than I usually do when I’m at school. Well, to my surprise and maybe to your surprise, that’s exactly what I’ve not done. Life is really a pain in th backside once in a while…

Well, I guess I can’t really say that life is a pain in the backside because it isn’t life’s fault that I am not blogging. In fact, it isn’t life’s fault that I’m not doing a thing. You see since the summer holidays started about over a week ago, I’ve not done a thing. A the most, I’ve been on my computer surfing the web, watching TV Programs on catchup services and playing Minecraft. I’m hardly the hardcore gamer however.

The main reason for me being trapped inside the house, is due to my mother’s end of term decisions. She decided that I was to get a haircut at the end of the school year. A haircut was certainly what she gave me, in fact about 89% of my hair was left, dying on the floor. I didn’t look in the mirror for about a day or two and when I accidentally saw my reflection in a widow, I got the fright of my life and nearly took some sort of heart attack. I was practically bald. Well, not bald but more like a hedgehog who has lost a lot of its pricks and only has a rough brush as protection. I usually like hedgehogs, but I don’t like looking like them.

So, in all shame and embarrassment, I eventually persuaded my mother to not force me out of the house for at least a week or two, so that I could allow time for my hair to grow. Luckily, it is growing at a fair pace. Mother is already threatning to cut it again. She will have to drag me by the heals to get my hair cut for a long, long time yet.

But I guess my hair isn’t any excuse for not blogging. In fact, being trapped in the house should allow me plenty of time to publish books worth of blog posts. Well, my tiredness and laziness and addictions have prevented me from blogging.


Unlike the plans I had which I shared in my previous summer holiday post, I have been going to bed very, very late and waking up very, very late so my body isn’t adjusting very well, making me lazy and not wanting to do a thing. As for the addiction part of things, I am talking about a certain trilogy I am hooked on as well as a certain game which you know which one I am on about. You see! I’m not even making sense now! I#m tlking about Minecraft. But hey, no one wants to hear me ranting on about Minecraft. So let’s rant on about the trilogy I am hooked on. I guess you may have a few ideas as to what trilogy I am reading. It isn a kind of popular trilogy and the film was only in the cinemas not that long ago. I’m talking about The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I am just so addicted to it, it is unbelievable. As soon as I had completed the first book, I begged my dad to order the second one for me which came in no time at all, and now I am making good progress through it.


Anyways, as for today, I’m out of my house and in my sister’s boyfriend’s house with my sister. We’re just taking advantage of his house whilst he’s at work. Nah, not really, my sister just invited me up to chill out and get free grub off of her. I thank her greatly for the chicken mayonnaise baguette and the subway I am about to have. Actually, two baguettes in a row may not be such a good idea.  It’s been a good day so far though, and I’ve just managed to slip on to the computer in the bedroom to blog to you guys, since somehow… Great, My sister has her iPod docked and Barbie Girl has just came on. Shoot me now.

Anyway, for now, I will bid you goodbye until the next time!

Blog to ya’ soon! (Hopefully)




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