Videographing the Sun!

You may or may not remember not too long ago, I published a post on my blog entitled “Photographing the Sun!“. (Well actually, it was called the Solstice in Scotland, but the featured images said “Photographing the Sun!”).

Well, although this has nothing to do with the solstice (I don’t think), I still pointed my camera up into the night-coming sky for the sake of a few photographs. However, all of a sudden, as if a message was put into my brain, I felt as if I had to film the sky. This would have been easy because I had my camera sat on my tripod so I could just leave it filming until the space on my SD card would run out. And I did just that.

The video was taken outside my living room window. Anyone who knows where I live may think that this location is no where near my house but I assure you, it is. was just really zoomed in and my camera was set on the one position. There’s nothing exciting about this location – just some trees and what me be the tips of some big hills. I don’t think they’re mountains. I may be wrong however.

As beautiful as the video was, it was very long. Over twenty six minutes of footage to be exact. This was too much for a single person to watch, especially when things were happening so slow. So, I decided to speed it up. First I tried 32x speed, but that made the video too short, and the quality wasn’t great. Then a slightly lower speed, still too fast. Then I jumped down a few notches to 16x speed and that seemed to work perfectly. Not too long a video but not too short a video and perfect for the viewing purpose. A perfect speed to see the clouds go by and the sun’s light go down.

Anyway, if you look at the channel that this video is on on YouTube, you may notice that my about thingy on the sidebar is:

I’m Aaron. A Scottish teenager with a passion for blogging and a few other things. I’m living life and loving life, and sometimes, I may share that with you.

The whole I’m living life and loving life and sometimes, I may share that with you” thing is true. Or at least I want it to be true.  I’ve tried video blogging (or vlogging as it is more commonly known) before, and let’s just say that didn’t work out. However, I still love the power of video and the power of the internet so I still want to combine the two. So, every now and then I may post a video on YouTube from my point of view. They will be completely random and will probably only make sense when embedded in a blog post like this one.

I’m no professional when it comes to video recording so just bare with me. It’s just a hobby! But that doesn’t mean I won’t take a bit of criticizing from people. I can take positive and negative feedback. I think. But hey, enjoy the camera wobble and the horrible editing and other things for now.

Blog to ya’ later!



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