School’s Out!

Oh… didn’t I tell you.?

It seems school was “out” yesterday. At 1:00 pm precisely. Another year of procrastination and bad grades over and done with. Well, that could be a slight exaggeration. My grades weren’t bad as such, but could have been better. Let us just say I didn’t fail any subject, but never did terribly well in a subject, except for music, which I am a geek at.

So, seven weeks ahead of me with no school. I wonder how I will spend my time. To this date, I have never had a summer holiday where I have said it is the best ever, mainly because year after year, my summer holidays are the exact same: Lying about doing nothing for a week or two, going to the seaside far too often the weeks after, searching for school clothes that aren’t expensive but look good and feel good for the last two weeks, and for the last week, saying I am going to study for going back to school, but really, I do anything but that. I swear if I have another summer holiday like that, I will personally pluck my eyeballs out. Okay, well maybe not that extreme.

I have already made some plans for the summer. The main one is weight loss. Yes, I’m a big fatty -get over it, and if you say otherwise, then you my friend, need glasses. I seriously want to loose weight for going back mainly for the whole reason of feeling good. It’s not that I feel bad about being overweight and luckily I don’t really get bullied or pulled up about it. However, if I can loose a stone or two before going back, and if I feel a change and can visibly see a change, I will be happier. I’d have a lot more confidence and maybe I could finally find a pear of jeans that fit.

Another of my ideas for the weeks ahead is to be on my laptop less. I need to be out and about getting some fresh air, or trying different things in the comfort of my own home. – The second one will probably be the one I do most, considering I live in Scotland, an out of the whole summer season, we only get a few days of proper sun. For example. being more sociable with friends. I seriously don’t know how I still have friends considering the fact that I never go out and meet them. But it’s not just that for the whole being outdoors thing, I’ll hopefully be able to persuade my parents to go to new places and see new things – not to the seaside like we always do. As for the indoors stuff, I just feel like I spend my life on my laptop. I really don’t want to be on my laptop all day, which is usually the case. Instead, I want to be doing something different, but being on the computer is like a drug – it’s really addictive! So, as from Monday (as I like to start doing  things in a fresh week) I want to try not being on my laptop for as long as possible. I’m not going to say I’ll never go on my laptop but I really need to cut down. Instead of going on my laptop, I will read a book, or practice more piano (which I really should be doing if I want to have any hope of becoming a music teacher!), or seriously tidy my room (instead of shoving all trash in a corner) or even help my mum throughout the house. Just as long as I do not have my eyes glued to the computer screen!

Most people go away on holidays during the summer holidays. I can see the sense in that. We usually go to Blackpool – an English seaside town every year, if not every second year. We only really go because of me. It seemed like such a great place as a child, but growing up, I’m starting to see what Friday night life is like in a town with so many night clubs, pubs and street corners. I think this is the reason my mum said it isn’t a good place to go on holiday any more. I do have strong feelings against that, but I have noticed that over the years, Blackpool was just getting a bit too un-family-friendly. So, it doesn’t look like we’ve got a holiday to look forward to this year. Great.

However, I’m sure we won’t let the fact that we’re not going on holiday this year, spoil our holidays. I’m sure we’ll find just as good substitutes that’ll make up for a holiday. Hopefully. Maybe. Meh.

I guess this is part of the whole “therapeutic” thing about blogging. I literally just improvised this blog post- i made it up as I went along. I was kind of doubtful about my summer holidays before I posted here but I guess I feel a bit better now.

Ah well, I think that post was worth it. If you want, you can start a bit of a conversation going in the comments about how you spend your summer holidays or any tips. Who am I kidding, you lot hardly ever comment. Hang on, are you lot even humans? Let me know you are alive people, or else I will seriously get worried that I have over a hundred non-human followers. Sugar. Arghh.

Blog to ya’ later!



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