The Botanic Gardens

Today, as part of a biology trip, I visited the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. A day full of fun exploring and possibly learning was expected. But what we expected was far from what we got. For me, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, on a whole, the day wasn’t too bad and the weather was great. However, not much fun was had during the day. The workshop was boring. Filling out booklets about plants in a stuffy, dark room whilst the weather was great outside. It was torture being in such a huge and wonderful place and not being able to explore any of it.

Luckily, Lunch came faster than we expected it to come. It was so good not being stuck in doors as we were allowed to sit outside to eat our lunch. However, we still weren’t allowed to explore.

Then, it was off to the greenhouses, one big tour if you like through many, what some called “biomes”, but were really just different, colossal greenhouses with a huge variety of plants. This was the most freedom we got all day but having to fill in booklets along the way just made it a pain in the *ship’s horn*.

I didn’t fill in one page of the booklet as I was too busy taking photos however. I couldn’t let a great photographic experience go to waste. Sadly, I didn’t have my proper camera so I had to use my phone’s which I thought would be pretty rubbish but it proved me wrong as I looked back  at all of the photos throughout the day.

Believe it or not, that was all we got to do. After the greenhouse visit, we had to head for the bus for the hour’s journey ahead, back to school in time for home time.

I wouldn’t say the trip was a complete let down maybe just a few parts of the day need tweaking to make it more entertaining. I really reccomend if you ever get the chance however, to visit the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens because from the little that we seen, it’s just an amazing place meant for exploring and a heck of a lot of photographic opportunities.

I’m just happy I got plenty of photos on my phone and of course I wouldn’t leave you without some. As well as the photos I am about to show you below, I will be posting a few photos individually throughout the next few days.

Anyway,  here are just some of the best photos from today.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks! And I know… some extra time wouldn’t have done any harm!


  2. beautiful photos, wish you had been there longer



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