My Historical Dream

Last night I had a rather… eye opening dream. One which, whilst sleeping, made me feel fear and terror. I even felt the fear and terror when I woke up. This was a dream like no other and I do not know what on earth could have triggered it. After all, they say that a dream is your brain collecting images and scenes from things you’ve already though about, seen, or heard. But not this dream, this just came out of the blue.

I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. To start with, it was World War Two. The whole world was in the 1940s except from my house which was exactly the same as it is today. However, it was definitely 1940. Secondly, somehow all of my family were Jewish. (We aren’t however, just in case you think we are. However, we do not have anything against Jews).

I didn’t know where our house was situated, but it definitely wasn’t in Scotland. It was possibly Germany or somewhere near that. We were just living happily when one night before I went to bed, my mum and dad were telling me that something may happen during the night. Men may come into the house and look around.

The most peculiar thing at this point was the fact that I was a lot younger than I am today. I was maybe about seven or eight years old, therefore I wasn’t understanding a great deal of stuff. Anyways, I went to bed as usual and slept like a baby. Up until I heard clashing and banging in the kitchen. (It may be a good time to mention I live in a flat.) I didn’t get out of my bed because I was too scared and all I heard was foreign accents shouting. I soon got used to the shouting and began to dose off until I was sleeping again.

When I woke up in the morning, I remember walking into the living room to see my mum and dad crying. My dad was clearly in the worst pain whilst my mum was just behind him. What happened between then and the next part of the dream was a blur.

Still in the living room, I asked what was going to happen. My dad said I was moving school. He said it was a different school however, and that mummy and daddy would be going to that school as well. It was only when I was out of my dream that I realise that the “school” was really a concentration camp.  Afterwards, my dad burst into tears once again and some sort of transition came along into my dream, like a black curtain sweeping a stage. Then a series of images just shot past my eyes but they were too fast to see what the images actually were. However, I felt really deep emotions of pain and horror as they shot past. The images stopped and the next thing I saw was my mum waking me up. It was a dream, luckily. I was back home.

It may sound peculiar, but I walked through the whole house making sure that I definitely wasn’t in the dream any more.

So what do you think? I was completely shocked when I woke up and realised the dream I had. The weirdest thing was that I’m no history genius and I don’t know a lot about the events of World War II. I know the basics, and I knew that Jews weren’t treated well and I knew a bit about concentration camps. I always thought being a Jew in those days would have been pretty tough but thanks to this dream, I guess I could say I practically experienced similar emotions to what the Jews would have felt.

I couldn’t explain my emotions during my dream to the fullest as they were too complex. But words that come to mind are: Horror, terror, anxiety, nerves, pain and torture. Mix all of those emotions up and then cut the new emotion into little pieces and those will be the emotions I experienced,

If there are any psychologists out there or dream experts out there, please get in touch with me to tell me if my dream means something! I sincerely hope not because as I mentioned, the emotions I went through were not very comfortable.

I guess I only shared this dream with you because I felt that I had to tell someone about it. I feel a lot better just now but I dare say it will be on my mind for the next day or two.

Thanks for reading, blog to ya’ later!


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  1. Aaron says:



  2. rachael says:

    Wow, that must have been some dream. I sometimes get dreams when I see or mention something during the day. Maybe because I was talking about WW2 (Hitler ruling Germany thing) and it just kinda stuck in your head!



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