It Was Scottish

Today was a pretty boring day. I guess you could say it was a typical day for me.

The weather was horrible to start with. Not a particle of blue anywhere, just clouds, clouds and more clouds. As well as that, quite a fair wind was blowing us off of our feet and enough rain to turn the place into a giant swimming pool.

As my mum and I were standing at the bus stop waiting to go to the supermarket which I was so excited about (not really), we were talking about how all of these weather conditions we were going through should become one individual weather condition. We decided to call it Scottish. Hence the title, “It Was Scottish”, meaning It was grey, wet and windy. Pretty cool huh? I know it isn’t.

Also when waiting for the bus coming, I decided to get my phone out and take a picture of the grass for no reason. I was thinking of my blog at the time and that a photo or two of my day would maybe keep my blog going. So here is a picture of the grass and the kerb. Enjoy.

After getting off of the bus that finally came, we had to wait in the Scottish weather once again, as we reached a level crossing. And yes, I did take a picture of the train coming past us at the level crossing, since you were wondering.

After eventually crossing the level crossing, we once again had to wait on a bus to take us to the supermarket. After a bi t of luck, we arrived at the supermarket safely. However, I was given trolley duty. How exciting. And what would you know… I have a picture of the trolley!

Sadly that’s all the photos I’ve got. Not much happened later on in the day. Done the shopping, came home, got dinner, surfed the web, blogged about my day, and the rest is still to come as I haven’t yet mastered the art of time travel.

Anyways, what do you think of the new theme? You may or may not know that I love showcase themes especially when they have automatic sliders. This theme is just perfect for my blog! Oh, where are my manners, the theme is called “Oxygen” which you can get for free with your blog.

Thanks for reading about my day, I’m sure it has affected your life greatly.

Blog to ya’ later!



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