I Don’t Think I’m Dead

You may be thinking I’m dead. Well, I’m not. That may be good news or bad news for you. You decide on that one and preferably, don’t tell me.

Why might you think I am dead? Well, as you have probably noticed since you are all so loyal and faithful to my blog (sarcasm by the way) I haven’t blogged for a considerable amount of time. Well… maybe not for a couple of days.

Well, I suppose I have an excuse. Ish. You see, my school has a bit of a tradition this time of year and that is to start our new timetables 2 – 3 weeks before the summer holidays. It’s supposed to help us get used to our timetables and so that we can be ready and raring to go when we return. And get this for a laugh, we return to school on a bloomin’ Thursday – only two days of school and then it’s the weekend. Take that up with the council…

Anyways, That’s not the main reason I haven’t been letting you lot know I am alive (not that you would care) because after all, a new timetable shouldn’t stop me from blogging. Instead, I guess it’s my brain and emotions that are making me not blog. You see, I wanted to start a clean slate by studying more efficiently and doing homework when it should be done so that I can at least have some hope of getting some sort of decent mark for my exams which are fairly soon, not to mention the preliminary exams ( or as we call them, “prelims”) which are only months away!

So, all the studying and all that jazz has gave me hardly any time to blog. As well as the studying, I have been going to earlier beds in attempt to feel awake during the day and I’ve also been trying to organize my time better. I have decided that I have nothing better to do, so I thought I would come and complain to you lot.

So. Yeah. Not much of a blog post but hey, it amused me for a few minutes. Now off for a cup of tea and… Oh… yeah… just had something in my brain remind me of something I was going to say…

Next week some time ( do not ask me when, because  I don’t know and I cannot be bothered checking. I’ll just turn up one day and be surprised) I am to go to the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens as part of a Biology trip (or as they say in America I believe, “Field Trip”). I so badly want to take my camera because looking on the website, I’m dribbling over the fantastic photo opportunities that are available! So.. maybe I’ll just sneak it in!

Anyways, back to what I was saying…




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