A Day at the Beach – Yesterday

All day yesterday, I continuously published new posts as part of my “I’m Going to the Seaside and You’re Coming With Me!” feature. And before I go any further, I would just like to say thank you to all of the people who have liked any of the posts from yesterday and who have made it a better success than I thought!

Anyway, I promised you last night that I would do a full summary post of the day just in case you missed any bits, as well as many of the photos I took throughout the day!

The Journey With the Golden Oldies…

Naturally, the day started off with the journey. Here’s what I posted:

A lot later than wanted, we’re finally on our way to the beach. As I mentioned the journey takes about an hour because we live absolutely nowhere near the coast. It’s quite a bumpy ride as we are travelling through the country side as you can see from the photo above. This is also my excuse for typos because I am typing on my phone. I don’t want to type too much because I am seriously starting to feel a little nautious because me body cannot cope with writing a blog post and travelling on a bumpy road at the same time. What makes this journey even better is my mum and dad’s taste in music. Right now, we’re listening to funky town and before that, it was the YMCA. This will be a rather interesting journey with plenty more of the golden oldies sung “interestingly” by mother. Anyway, I’m just about to hit the bumpiest part of the journey so I’m gonna go for now. The next post will probably be the arriving stage unless something interesting happens on the journey. Byeee for now. Blog ya’ later!

This was the image I posted with the post. Now looking at it, I think I quite like it. I simply took a photo of the opposite side’s window! It went down well. luckily!

Arriving With a Smile Upon Our Faces…

After a long journey of 70’s music, we finally arrive at the seaside. Here’s the post:

We have arrived in Ayr at last. The journey went in rather quick actually. No thanks to the golden oldies… Anyway, as usual, we like to stroll around the town for a little bit, exploring shops and dribbling over what we can’t afford. I am actually so greatful for my blog because it keeps me amused whilst mother and father explore the jungle that is the precinct. So that’s all that’s going on for the next hour or so and I’ll keep you posted on my boredom. The photo by the way, is one of Ayr’s bridges. Nice, eh?

This was the photo that was posted with the actual post itself. It actually got a lot of likes believe it or not despite the fact that this was the shortest post! The image is one of Ayr’s bridges, one of the oldest as well! Just in case you were wondering…

Is It Too Late to go On a Diet? 

After hours of being dragged about shops, we finally made our way to the local chip-shop for some grub. Here’s the post:

After quite a while of being dragged around many shops being bored out my skull, we finally made our way to the beach. Before we could settle down in front of the sea however, we had to get something to eat. In our case, a “chippy” otherwise known as a chip-shop. I got something way out of my comfort zone, size wise. A pizza crunch… Supper (with chips) . I only ate the chips though. I know… Such a waste of food. Ahh well blog ya’ very soon!

This was the image posted with it. I honestly wish I didn’t give most of that to the seagulls because it actually looks so delicious. Yum. *Dribbles*.

A Stroll Along the Beach…

After a tank filling meal, we went out onto the beach for a walk against the cool sea breeze.

I’ve just returned to the car after a lovely stroll along the beach with mother and my trusty camera. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. The temperature was just perfect – not too warm yet not too cold. The scenery was beautiful with the sun setting and the tide going out whilst the seagulls faught over their food for the night. Even better, I took zillions of photos which, some of them, I will post on my blog either tonight or tomorrow. The day is not at an end yet as there is still one more thing to do which you will join me for, just before the journey home. Blog to ya’ soon!

Once again, this was the imaged used in this post. The weather was just amazing for us and the walk was very refreshing.

One Last Thing…

Before heading for home, we made one last stop on the way out of Ayr…

As I mentioned earlier in my previous “A Day at the Seaside” post, there was one more thing to do before heading homewards. That thing was what we always do after a day at the seaside. Watching Prestwick airport. It may sound boring but as you may have read in yesterday’s post, I’ve never been on a plane so it is a bit of a thrill hearing the roaring engines fire ho and the huge metal bird flying over you. It’s just phenomenal! As you can see from the photo above, we were just in time to catch a passenger plane. However, before hand, we seen a huge cargo plane blast into space (slight exaggeration) and afterwards, another passenger plane taking off, and afterwards, the seaside rescue going out on another challenging rescue. Well, it’s been a great day, but it is not over yet, the journey home awaits us! Blog to ya’ later…

Didn’t realise this image posted with it was as blurry. Oh well, it was my dad taking anyways because I was holding my slightly better camera.

Home At Last…

After a great day, we arrived home around 10 O’clock ish. A great day for you and me over and done with…

Ah well that’s us finally home. After a great day of fun, food and photography, it’s good to be back in my own home, with a nice cuppa’ tea and a final blog post for the evening.

Not much to say for this blog post  except from…

I hope you enjoyed this experience – coming to the Seaside with me for a day! What did you think? – Let me know in the comments below! Maybe, just maybe… I’ll do it again sometime. Maybe when I’m going on holiday or when I’m on a school trip, whatever!

Thanks for all your support during today – many of you have been liking my posts and I thank you very much for that. And, as promised, I will be posting an large blog post tomorrow containing many of the photos I took and a summary of the day.

Thanks Again and I’ll blog to ya’ later!

Probably one of the best images to end the feature. A photo of the sun setting over Arran in the distance, as well as a view of Prestwick Airport about to move into night shift.

Okay… now the photos! 

Well I really enjoyed taking you with me on a day out and I certainly will do it again some time! It was enjoyable for me and I hope it was for you too!

Okay. Here are the photos you’ve been expecting. They took me a heck of a long time to upload so be grateful!



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  1. Rachael says:

    Love the pics Aaron : )



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