I’m Going to the Beach and You’re Coming With Me!

I have just been informed that I am going to the beach. For the 1,000,000 th time this year. Slight exaggeration.

It’s not that I hate going to the beach, but its’s more the fact that we always do the same stuff. Travel there, go to shops, sit at beach, go home.

So, in order to keep me from dying, I have decided that I am to take you with me in this magical journey to the beach.

I will do this through the power of my blog and ny phone out together. Every so often, I will publish a post possibly with a picture or two and a bit of writing.

I feel this will be quite an interesting thing to do as it will keep me occupied but will also allow you to virtually go to the beach.

I honestly cannot wait to get started! First up, I’ll probably do a post or two on the journey. It’ll take about an hour.

So! Look out for posts coming up very shortly!

If you want to keep on track of my posts for today (or forever) then there are a few things you could do.

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Blog to ya’ soon!
P.S, Expect the first blog post in about an hour or so. 🙂


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