Why You’re Human and I’m Not


Life is full of many enjoyable experiences. A lot of us have experienced very similar experiences. Some of use would cut off our right arm to experience well… an experience! However, some of us have not experienced the experiences that many people have experienced. You can tell I love that word. Experience.

There are many things we have all done in our lives that we think nothing of. Sometimes, we go back to these experiences and do them over again. The best one I can think of, is swimming. Yes, swimming – something I have never experienced in my life.

You may be shocked right now. I have never been swimming in all my life. Chances are, you have  been swimming. You probably think nothing of it. And may I just say, good on you for knowing how to swim. You may not be a good swimmer or think yourself good, but believe me, I’m sure one day you’ll thankful that you can swim. Just like one day, I’ll regret never being able to swim at all. It’ll be the day I fall off of a ship or slip into a pool and begin to drown. Or maybe a slightly less dramatic thing such as me not being able to go to a pool party or whatever you call it. So there is item number one as to why you are human and I am not. However, I ask you not to judge me yet.

It is a parent’s duty to teach their young how to swim, isn’t it?

It’s not entirely my fault that I have never been swimming in my life, is it:? Most people learn to swim from a very young . They are either taught by their mum or their dad, or by an instructor. Sadly, I never received any tuition of how to swim. So in a way, it is my mum and dad’s fault for not taking me swimming. But they may not be confident enough to swim so they would dread to put me in a situation that they would not be comfortable with, and I hardly think we could have afforded swimming lessons at the price they cost. So not entirely my fault, eh?

What about another experience that you have most likely went through that I haven’t? Aeroplanes. Never been on one in all my life. This may not be as much as a shock compared to the swimming one but you may still have a little bit of surprise in you. I can definitely say that this is not my fault. I’m guessing this is my parents’ fault as well as the economy’s fault. Why y parents? – Well, my mum is terrified to go on a plane. She has never explained why but she just seems to be terrified to go on one so we wouldn’t exactly go on a plane without her. And why the economy? Well, plane rides are far too expensive these days and money doesn’t exactly grow on trees. Although I’m sure we all wish it would.

I’ve seen plenty of planes in my life and took plenty of photos. Just never been on one…

The whole not being on a plane thing also links to another experience which you have probably lived but I haven’t. I have never been abroad. Never been out of the country. The country of course being The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The furthest I have ever been away from home, is the North of England, to my second home if you like, of Blackpool. I’ve always been happy going to Blackpool year after year.It never fails to disappoint me. And maybe, because I have been going there literally since birth, I am so comfortable and happy when I know I am going to Blackpool. I actually want to go there just now as I have put myself in the mood for it!

The question I must ask myself now is what I’m going to do about this. Well, for now I’m not going to do a lot. Why? Well I’m only a teenager just now and I can’t exactly just leave my parents to go on a plane. But what about when I am older?

I don’t think I’ll get swimming lessons. Mainly because I would be far too embarrassed. Probably. And as for going on a plane, I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon. I blame aircrash investigation for this. I am terrified to go on a plane though. And I know it’s arguable that air travel is one if the safest methods of transportation. However, I gave always and will always think different. But that is for another blog post for another day.

I guess for once, I have a point to my blog post. You should never really judge a person for what they have or have not done. I am in no way affected or have ever been affected by what I haven’t experienced. I’m still happy and probably always will.

So, as I close this blog post, just think of all the experiences that you’ve been fortunate enough to experience when others haven’t.



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