Graffiti is Art

This is a photo I found as I was tidying up my SD card. I remembered exactly where I took it – on the train coming into a station. It was a striking piece of graffiti, full of colour. And the most amazing thing was that it was clean. There was nothing on that wall that was displeasing or vulgar or anything like that. All it was was the word “Art”. You can only see the A and R here but you get the idea.

So it just shows you, not all graffiti is bad. And whoever did this particular artwork, deserves recognition because they have some talent. That’s the problem with today’s society, not enough people are recognised for their talents. This graffiti artist could be making a fortune if he sold his artwork! I would certainly buy iy!

So next time you see a piece of graffiti anywhere, look at it, and think. What artist is behind it? And remember to appreciate the talent there – even if it’s not very pleasing or vulgar. It’s still raw talent.



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