The Notebook

I love notebooks. Maybe I have a fixation. I just love the joy of getting a brand new notebook, ready to be filled with letters and words of magnificence! – The only problem is that I don’t have any letter and words of magnificence…

Yesterday, I bought three notebooks. I don’t know why, but  I felt I needed to have notebooks. Good hardback ones too. I thought since I’m going to be sitting my exams in the upcoming year, I could use them to take notes and help me to study. And then I thought about the fact that I wanted to write a book. Not to be published, just to see if I could rise to the challenge of writing a book. One of the notebooks would be perfect for that…

Notebook 1: My Book

At least that’s one of them got a purpose now. What on earth can I use the other two for? I also thought about my creative writing group and photography club in school – I could use a notebook to take notes and complete assignments in. Yeah… I’ll go for that.

Notebook 2: Creative Writing & Photography Club

Now for the third one. I’ve been trying to think of a use for this one for a little while now. I could just use it for all round general notes? Yeah… that’s what I’ll use it for.

Notebook 3: All Round Miscellaneous Notes.

But hang on… what exactly are notes?

I hate it when I see people writing in notebooks. They always seem to right so plentiful and they always refer back to their notebooks. For some reason I feel as if I cannot do that for some reason. Maybe I just have too good a memory and there is no need for me to right things down. If only that were true – Maybe then I wouldn’t be failing simple school tests. *cough* Maths *cough*

So what do I write in a notebook?

Well, I’ve been doing research. I never thought I would ever type “How to use a notebook” into Google. Ahh well… crazy things will happen.

Anyway, after some helpful research, I realised that lots of people were mentioning very similar things.  I’ll post links to the best websites and the end of this post. 

  • Write the date on the front of the notebook so that when you start to get a collection of notebooks going, you can always have a way of reffering back to the right notebook. It may also be helpful to write the date finished.
  • For each new topic or subject, take a new page. This helps the categorisation stage. Plus, never write on the back of a written on page. This allows you to easily rip out a page if it is no longer needed without ripping out something you do need.
  • Try to write on a regular basis so that you get in to the habit or using notebooks.

I think these tips are really going to help me. However, I have just changed my mind about Notebook #3. I’ll get another notebook for “just notes” but after reading a small article , I think I’ll dedicate notebook three to creative writing. Not creative writing club, just like notebook two, but any creative writing ideas will go towards notebook three.

Anyway, I’m off to get these notebooks started off. But before I go, let me give you a few links. Links to the sites that I found useful for this post and for my own knowledge on notebooks.

Umm… I guess that’s it! – Time for me to go I think.

I’ve went.

You can go now.

You can go and do something with your life today.

Why don’t you do something marvellous?



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