For my  birthday, which wasn’t very long ago, I received the much wanted Genius MousePen i608x. In English, that roughly translates to, I got a graphics tablet.

A graphics tablet, just in case you don’t know,  is an input device for a computer which allows you to create precise drawings and lots of other cool things like signing documents and editing images.

I am the worst artist in the world, I guess I also have a certificate somewhere in my head. However, I want to progress my skills in art by practising my heart out. I’ll never be another Da Vinci or Picasso, but I’ll hopefully become a little bit better than just a stick man.

Speaking of stickmen, I thought I’d introduce to you, “Weebib”. Weebib is my creation, basically a stick man. However I thought I would develop a story behind him, and make the little drawings of him I do, a little more interesting.

So far, all I have figured out is that he is all alone, no family or friends, and treats life in the simplest way possible.

So, here is my first EVER drawing of Weebib. It is called “Weebib Sitting on the Park Bench” – Ingenious title, don’t you agree?




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