Deja What Now?


Ever had that feeling when you feel as if you are living a moment in your life, that you’ve already lived? Or even looked at a certain scene and thinking that it reminds you of something, but you don’t know what?  Well, I had that feeling this morning as I was leaving for school and I thought it was about time to write about it.

I walked out of the door this morning, as usual, and made my way down the street towards the bus stop. As I was walking, I was admiring the great heat of the blazing sun behind me, quite a rarity when you live in Scotland. Anyways, I looked over to the little place where the bus drivers can park their buses for a little break and I seen a bus just sitting, lifeless. It was at this very glance over to the bus that something in my brain triggered me to think about another time in my life where I saw a similar image. For some reason, the image of me, in my second home and favourite place in the whole world, Blackpool. I was looking at an image very similar to this, only this time, I was very, very young. And that was it. For that split second, I was in a trance and in the same second, I was just walking down the street. Weird or what?

I thought it may have been some sort of “Déjà vu” as they call it, and I’m sure we’re all familiar with the concept, and if not, then Google is your friend. Or you could keep reading this article…

So what was it that happened this morning then? Methinks I’ll need to do some major investigating into this one.

However, this is not the first time this has happened to me, I have been getting it quite a bit recently. Not only that but the thoughts of “Why are we alive?” and “What’s the point of us being here?” keep popping in and out of my head.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world who experiences these feelings though. After a little bit of consultation with mother, and sister, and father, and a teacher or two, I found that they also frequently have those thoughts.

I think the thoughts are horrible though, and by the sounds of it, I may be stuck with these thoughts for the rest of my life! I really would hate for that to happen.

You honestly have no idea, well actually you probably do because you probably get the thoughts and feelings as well, but you know what I mean! The thoughts are definitely scary at first and just get worse and more boring and horrible for every thought or feeling you get!

As I said, I really want to look into these feelings and thoughts, and how the brain comes up with them. Actually, who says it’s the brain that comes up with them, maybe there’s a tiny little organism or cell in us that makes us feel these sorts of things! Now isn’t that a scary thought!

Ah well, let’s just hope the future is bright and no one starts to fantasise about the world ending in a horrible way any time soon…




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