A Major Disaster to the Scottish Climate

Today, something drastic has happened in most areas of Scotland…



Yeah… so today was a pretty sunny day, and I’m pretty sure I once blogged about this in a similar post about a sunny day a few months back. It’s more like it though. However, being Scots, we need to exaggerate and moan a little. I mean, when do we ever get sun?

One thing you should know about us Scottish folk, or about me anyway, is that you will never please us. We will never be happy with what we get. We moan when it’s dull, windy and raining wishing the sun comes out, but when we do actually get a bit of heat from the “hawty in the sky” we still complain, wishing the temperature was considerably lower.

I’m pretty sure I also blogged in the last post about the heat, about how the sun really does help the day go a little but smoother. People are more relaxed, and comfortable, except from when you’re in a classroom with the heating permanently stuck on…

But hey, I just hope  the good weather keeps up because it is my birthday very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very soon. I’m more excited about what I’m getting for my birthday though, I’m getting the a graphics tablet, because I really want to get into digital art as well as editing and creating better photos.

But hey enough’s enough for now, just wanted to blog as I am waiting on mother making the dinner.

I just wish us Scots wouldn’t moan like this, and that’s more of a note to myself, because you could say I am a typical Scot…



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