An Interesting Burger Under the Influence of Sugar


The phone rang yesterday. It was my sister, asking if I wanted to go to Burger King with her and her boyfriend. Of course I said yes, I mean who wouldn’t! A burger King is better than a butter filled sandwich any day!

The burger was delicious. The fries and the diet coke were also to a similar pleasing taste. Filled my stomach right up, any more and I wouldn’t be able to get out of the door. Luckily, I managed an ice cream with that, and still managed to fit through the door.

Then it was off to the shopping centre not to far away from the Burger King. Just looking about was all we really did. Mainly drooling over what we don’t have but we wished we had.

On our way back to the car from the shopping centre, we stopped at a milkshake bar also known as “shake bar”. The only milkshake I drink is a strawberry one, usually. However, I was inclined to try one of these milkshakes with “anything you want in it” according to the attendant.

Any chocolate or item of confectionery or even fruit could be put into a milkshake. I wanted one that would possibly get my taste buds going. I went for a Starburst one. And oh boy… it sure did get my taste buds going… going mad!

I was slowly taking little sips from the huge straw, enjoying the sweet tastes of ice cream, milk and Starburst together. Only about ten minutes away from home, there was a problem however…

In the middle of the motor way, in the middle of the rush hour traffic, we broke down. Luckily, we broke down in an abandoned bus stop (on a motorway, I know!) so we were quite safe for the time being.

My sister’s boyfriend tried and tried to get the car going again, but had no luck. To make matters worse, we didn’t know who we were covered by, so we didn’t have a number for a tow truck or anything like that.

They phoned one of their friends, but he didn’t have a tow rope.

He tried and tried again.

I just told my sister to phone my dad, he was bound to have a tow rope after about thirty years of driving!

And yes he did…

But whilst waiting on my dad coming, it was amazing the amount of people who came and went in and out of the abandoned bus stop. Someone came to throw up, but never had much luck. Two ladies in a convertible, came to close the roof of the car. One man came to rest his sat-nav. And one man simply pulled in and in the same three seconds, pulled out again. And yet not one of them offered us help…

Eventually, my dad came to the rescue with a tow rope and towed us all the way home.

Beat that for a Saturday adventure!



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