The Drugs Don’t Work


It’s not often I re-blog a lot of things but I felt I had to reblog this! I think this is a really powerful image and really does represent today’s use of drugs! What do you think?

Ouroboros Photography

Image This is a shot I composed to show the idea that we as a society are told we need drugs for practically everything. There is a drug for every “condition” and we are told by drug companies that something is wrong with us if we’re not on something… Seriously, read a DSM, you’ll find a laundry-list of things a psychiatrist could put you on a prescription for. The shot also signifies the ineffectiveness of the drugs pushed and the quantity pushed as well.

The ones that do have some effect leave you lifeless and empty anyway, antidepressants remove things like empathy, happiness and love… Which in my eyes is what makes you feel alive.

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