Vampires or Witches?

Greetings! A very merry Friday to you too!

I’ve just came back from seeing “Dark Shadows” at the cinema which I honestly loved! Therefore, I probably will do a small review or something on it, just to try  and encourage you to go and see it!

But before I go any further, let’s take a look at how last week’s pool got on.

I based last weeks poll on the sci-fi theme as it was Star Wars day (May the Fourth Be With You). So, I set out the poll, “Star Wars or Doctor Who”.

I also mentioned last week that I was hoping for a little more of a response as the previous poll only got three votes. Well, I can say there has been some improvement. Yup. You guessed it. Four people voted this time. Dramatic improvement, eh?

Ah well, hopefully it will get better this week. But here are the results for this week.

Total No. of Votes: 4

Star Wars: 1 (25%)

Doctor Who: 3 (75%)


Okay, back to business…

As I mentioned, I just seen “Dark Shadows” a great film that is only out really, and one which I strongly reccomend you see if you like a good comedy/horror/romantic film.

But it came to my mind whilst watching the film that an interesting poll could possibly emerge! As you do…

Normally, in other films which do not deserve to be named on this blog, it’s always vampires versus humans, with a hint of werewolf and all that jazz. Well, in this film, it’s vampire against witches.

And so…

Here is this weeks poll, and please, just click ONE of the options! It’s free, anonymous and simple! One click and you’re done! No personal info needed, it’s just an anonymous and fun poll!



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