A Day in the Capital City (Part 2)

As promised…

Well, I finished my last blog post off with me leaving you hanging, awaiting my photos from the top of the Scott Monument, Edinburgh. Well… here they are.

Unlike the last blog post, I won’t make a comment for almost every picture, I’ll just let you see for yourself, what is was really like.

This was all part of my day out in Edinburgh on Monday by the way. As if you didn’t guess that already… as if you didn’t read the title… dot… dot… dot…

The Scott monument was built in August of 1844 and is approximately 200 ft or 61.1 m. I climbed all 287 steps to the very top. All 287 steps. No lift or elevator. Just stairs. And I climbed all 287. To make it even worse, the stairs got narrower, as you will see in one of the pictures. Not the ideal thing to do if you are claustrophobic person!

Anyway, here they are. Enjoy!



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