A Day in the Capital City (Part 1)

Today, I visited Scotland, my home’s, capital city, Edinburgh.

As a treat for my mum after her birthday, we thought we’d take her to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. As if you didn’t already know that. Anyway… as always, I took my trusty camera along with me and would I disappoint you by not sharing the photos with you? Umm…. NAW MATE! As they say in the local areas and so on…

Just under an hour’s train journey kicked the day off. Nothing much. Just a bad photo now and then. But here’s a picture I took of the ground. It features a lot of shoes. And crumbs. And so on…

We soon arrived in Edinburgh full of energy and enthusiasm for some tourism and some shopping. Yeay. My views on shopping are for another blog post for another day.

Anyway, Waverley Station was being refurbished or something. I hope it was under construction, because then the highly spoken of station, would be nothing more than mazes of cardboard walls with pictures of what the station will look like in a few years, and scaffolding for a roof. I took a picture of a pillar however…

Then, we had to take a toilet brake. Just off of a train, and into the pits of hell. Well, I never actually, because I couldn’t afford it! – Thirty bloody pence to use a toilet! I’m sure they’re not exactly made of gold, and if they were, I’m sure they would have been stolen already!

However, the location of the toilets pleased me. A kind of large food-hall was presented before my eyes, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. It was the roof. This was the only roof I found however, without scaffolding over it.

Afterwards, I took a picture of a postbox. Yup…

Then it was off outside. I took many pictures of the things around me, including the Scott Monument which you will see more of later on in the post, Edinburgh Castle, and various other objects, animals, and landmarks and buildings and so on and just and.

At precisely one o’clock, our hearts exited their places and went a walk for a little bit. I’m talking about Edinburgh Castle’s “One O’Clock Gun”. Here’s what some histroy according to the castle’s website…

Fired almost every day since 1861, it is a tradition remaining from the days when it was a time signal for ships in the Firth of Forth and the port of Leith.

I only just got a photo of the remaining smoke from the deafening bang…

Then it was off for a spot of lunch in the local department store. I had a plate of chips, which contributed to the total cost of thirty one pounds. And that was only for one meal each! – Rip off!

Actually, before lunch, now thinking on it, there was one other thing before lunch. In fact, how could I forget it?

We turned the corner only to see what we thought  was a war zone, but really, was only the army recruiting using some demonstrative objects and things and so on. Such as…

Afterwards, was lunch as I mentioned before, and then shopping. And more shopping. And more shopping. But then, I climbed over two hundred feet of stairs.

Why? I hear you ask? Well…

You’ll just have to come back tomorrow for more,  because I really must dash, but do come back to see the stunning shots of Edinburgh I got from two hundred feet up!

Here’s a sneak peek for now, and byeee!



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