I’m Not Very Well


Want to know how many hours of education I have had this week so far? Assuming you answered yes, I have had a total of 6.5 hours of education. 6.5 out of what should be around 32.5 hours. Wanna know why? Well…

I have not been very well recently as the title of this post suggests. Nothing serious just the common cold but us men like to exaggerate and give the common cold a different name. Man Flu.

A box of Scotties tissues
Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I have the cold… I mean “Man Flu” which has been an utter pain. Usually the cold doesn’t stop me from attending school as it is never really that much of a bother. However, this time I just couldn’t stand it.

On Monday all I did was complain. I was actually at school but I was wishing I wasn’t. Whenever I entered a bright room, my eyes would feel as if they were about to explode and my head felt something of a similar feeling. As well as that I was breathing heavily through my mouth as I literally no longer had a nose, which also dried up my mouth so I was desperate for liquids all day. As soon as I came home on Monday, I went to bed and slept. Then I got up, had the local cultural dish (A Kebab) which was presented to me by a sympathetic mother. Then I slept again and awoke in the morning only to find that I couldn’t go to school as I literally felt dead.

I feel slightly better today but I’m not at school because I am still half dead. I’m off tomorrow for some weird reason as well, an “in-service day” apparently and then I’m back on Friday but hopefully by then I’ll be feeling a

Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to t...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

heck of a lot better.

I only wrote this blog post because it is the only thing that keeps my mind off of sniffing, sneezing, and snoozing (that’s alliteration for ya’!) and it also helps keep my brain active.

I’ll probably try to study today but I may possibly fail as my eyes still aren’t quite what they were before I got the cold and not even my glasses made of cheap plastic could help at this moment in time.

So, if all else fails, I’ll do some photo editing and will be uploading the completed photos here. Probably.

But hey, thanks for reading this fail of a post which has no point but you read it anyway which shows how full and exciting your life is.



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