Umm… help?

This very minute, my dad pointed out something on our living room window. And before I go any further, this is a genuine post, no joke. A fly I thought at first but then I got my camera out and took a close up picture. Not a fly. An insect of some sort but what, I don’t know. I yellow-ish coloured body and an extremely long thing coming out of its backside.

Since I know there is people all around the world on my blog, I though you may be able to tell me what exactly this is.

We have concluded one suggestion however as to where it has came from. You see, my Dad just got a new guitar, but was made in a foreign country somewhere, so maybe this insect has somehow got into the packaging, or into the guitar even, and has managed to escape.

As I speek now, my Dad has flushed it down the toilet due to fear of it being dangerous but it would be great to get an explanation as to what this is. Here it is:



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