New Feature to My Blog: Weekly Polls! – Burgers or Sausage Rolls?

Greetings! And a very merry Friday to you too…

As the title suggests, I am going to start weekly polls. I have tried a few polls on my blog before and I got an excellent feedback with them. So…

Every week, on Fridays, I will publish a new post containing a little bit of info and then a poll, just for the fun of it. 

When the new poll is released for the following week, the previous poll results will be released! 

So, here is a little bit about today’s poll. 

Burgers or Sausage Rolls? This was the question I was asked by mother as I walked through the door today. Obviously, she was enquiring as to what I was to have for my dinner tonight but I thought it would make a good poll. 

Two completely opposite foods (kinda) but which is the best in your books? VOTE!