The First Exam of Many to Come

Tomorrow, I will be sitting my Standard Grade English Exam…

What you have just read above is my excuse for not blogging. Studying. Apparently. I have  apparently been studying for the past week or two. That’s what my so called brain says anyway. For this exam, it is really hard to study. It’s not like another subject such as biology or music, where you have to learn things, remember them and use your knowledge to help you out. No, it is almost nothing like that. You see…

A typical Junior Certificate exam hall.
-- (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - -

I don’t think of the first few years of English as a subject where you get taught anything. I think of it more as a subject which you progress in. And it is the progression that you get tested on in this exam, which I will be sitting tomorrow.

I have been trying to fit some studying in. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with these types of exams, I briefly wrote about it in one of my last posts but for your benefit, I’ll briefly explain, once again. Tomorrow will consist of three papers spread throughout the day. The first, a writing paper where will be sitting the credit writing paper. You are given a booklet with about 30 tasks inside. You have to choose one of them and write something on them. For example, maybe something like “write a short story using the following opening- John Smith crept inside the cave only to find himself falling, and falling, and falling…” or something like “Use the picture given on the left hand side to write about a personal experience using your thoughts and feelings.” Or something

Edited version of the SQA external exam front ...
-- (Photo credit: Wikipedia) --

like that. I think we get one hour and fifteen minutes to complete our writing piece. This includes our time to pick our task.

The second and third piece are both reading papers. am sitting a general and then a credit paper. All these papers are, are passages or excerpts from books, newspaper articles etc which we must read and then answer questions on.

And what do these exams matter? Well…

I think these exams count for two thirds of my overall grade, the rest of the grade made up by my folio work and my solo talk. So yeah, this exam is important.

Well, wish me luck anyways, I can only hope for the best but I dread to think of this time next year when I will be sitting not one important exam, but about seven or eight important exams.

But hey, that’s next year I just need to take one exam at a time and jump over any hurdles and win the race. After all, it’s these exams that shape the rest of my life…



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