Hmafalumpalump. That’s what my world is like right now. My situation, my events and my feelings. they’re all Hmafalumpalump.

You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged in almost a week here. Big wow you may be thinking in a sarcastic tone, but honestly, I’m saying the same minus the sarcastic part, it is a big wow, a big deal. I don’t like to go away from blogging for too long because I know I will soon forget about it and I’ll loose all you beautiful people. Yes, even you Timothy. Anyway…

Close Read (读书)
- - (Photo credit: pamhule) - -

The reason for my absence online has been due to my life. First of all, my forthcoming English exam. I have to sit my Standard Grade English exam next Thursday. It’s the only major exam I have this year but I am still kind of freaking out. My exam consists of three papers in one day. First of all, my general close reading paper. (This may be a good time to mention that close reading is basically reading a piece of text and answering questions about the structure and plot of the text. Just in case you didn’t know) Then second of all, is my credit close reading paper, and then finally, my favourite (no sarcasm here!) my writing paper where I must choose a task and write something based on that task. What could be better, sitting in a peaceful, quiet room, letting my imagination go wild. Paradise. That’s what it is. Although, it is only paradise for the writing paper, I cannot stand close reading, I have yet to get a one (top marks) in a close reading paper because I am absolutely hmafalumpalumpful at it. Could not do it to save my life.

So as if that wasn’t enough stress, my teachers have been so kind to tell us that we are getting important tests based on our work over the past year. Biology, maths, music and a few more. So, I have to study like mad now to get a decent mark in my tests.

I just can’t, in fact make that don’t. I just don’t want to imagine what kind of situation I will be in this time next year, where I will be sitting all of my exams in the space of only a few weeks. So over the next year or so, I’ll need to work my backside off and I’ll need to work on an even stronger word than “hmafalumpalump” to explain my emotions, situations, and events!

So yeah. Tonight is the only night I’m getting to relax and do my own thing, and as always, I though of you lovely lot and decided to blog. Plus, I’m waiting on dinner to arrive and couldn’t think of anything else to do, Sorry.






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