The 80 Yr Old Irish Escapee…


I can’t believe this slipped my mind…

The other day, whilst taking a long walk to the supermarket with my Mum, we came across a lady who seemed as if she was lost. A small woman, about sixty years old we thought, with a walking stick and an empty canvas bag.. We thought nothing of her until she stopped us in the middle of the path. Being the unrealistic me, I thought she was going to bring out a knife or a gun, or kill us with her rather fetching walking stick.

Level Crossing
- - (Photo credit: fatedsnowfox) - -

“Excuse me, Sorry to bother you but how could I get to the cross from here?” Said a soft, soothing, Irish voice. I could have listened to that one little bit of dialogue for an eternity. Mother, started to direct her but she wasn’t having much luck and she just missed the last bus in our area. So…

My mother who felt she should do her good deed for the day, offered to walk her to the bus stop on the other side of the level crossing, usually a five minute walk. However…

This woman clearly loved a good chat. She even admitted it herself. We soon found out that she was not actually sixty years old, but eighty years old, didn’t look it though! And it also turned out she was supposed to be visiting a friend, but her friend supposedly forgot to remember that she was coming, and wasn’t in. Supposedly…

Bus shelter and stop, Belfast (2) See 1530443....
- - (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - -

When we got to the level crossing half an our after meeting her (no exaggeration!) which should have only taken five minutes, but she was a really slow walker an stopped every time she wanted to stop and took a long time to cross a road,  a car pulled up outside of the bus shelter we directed her to at the opposite end of the road.

A nurse, uniform and everything, took her into her car and drove off, giving us a wave as if to say “thank you”. We thought nothing of it at that point, obviously a kind woman helping a lost old woman, but then we saw the car with the woman inside it only on the opposite side of the road, as they were arguing where to go.

A possible care home escapee?



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