Umm… Happy Easter!


Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that I have not been present on my blog for some time now. I have a reason however, which may or may not be good enough.

You see, on Friday of last week, I purchased a game online. And that game was Minecraft. For the past two to three days, I have been glued to my computer playing survival multiplayer as well as single survivor and creative mode. I swear, it is very addicting.

I hope not to get too addicted and I should start to blog frequently again. I may even share some of my Minecraft work on here and  if I can get my brain to work, I may even create a server for you guys who are already on Minecraft. You should be able to go to in a day or two to see what I have been up to.

It has also come to my attention that today is Easter Sunday. I couldn’t be more pleased, because for the last six weeks, I have been off chocolate and Facebook for Lent. It was hard but I pulled through and I was rewarded well with my Easter eggs. It was also great to read all one of my notifications. That’s how popular I am. One notification in six weeks.

So with that, I first of all apologise for not blogging. Not that you would care anyway, so if anything, I am apologising to myself. And second of all, I wish you a Happy Easter and I hope you don’t start to feel too sick.

Oh and another thing before I go, you may have been reading about my podcast work. Well, it has disapeared for now as something has popped up that I will tell you about later. You may or may not find it exciting, but it can wait.

Thanks again, and Happy Easter!

Aaron 🙂

P.S: I have changed my Twitter username to my Minecraft username so it is now @Norman_Alley. You can read about the background of that name on my Minecraft page. 🙂



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