Today, I sat my Grade 2 piano exam.


Nervously, I  sat in the waiting room observing the cakes that were on offer. I was called into a practice room. Everything I had been taught had been wiped from my mind and I hardly knew what a piano was. I might as well have played the desk. I was soon called to the examination room.

A tall, English, and friendly man greeted me. He sat me at the piano. Got the feel of the piano. Played my scales. C major this A minor that contrary motion that and arpeggios this.

Pieces time. Bah-bah-do-bah first. Then Mazurka. Then Suite de la Rejouissance. All okay. Then sight reading. Number 2I. Wan’t the hardest. A few sharps and flats to look out for but nothing too dramatic. Then Aural tests. Clap in time to the piece and give a louder clap on the stronger beats. Okay. Now repeat the phrase by singing it back. Oh joy. Now, give me information about the piece I’m about to play. That’s the exam over.

Ah well, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’d say I’ve passed but as for my mark, I have no idea. A few slip ups and the odd hesitation but nothing too bad to take a substantial amount of marks off.

Nerves are just pain in the backsides. In fact, pain everywhere. I need to learn to get a grip of myself in times like these, I almost felt like picking up a violin and playing it instead of piano because I was so nervous. But hey, it’s all over with now luckily!  I can enjoy the rest of my Easter Holidays.

Only six more grades to go…



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