Fluffy Rain and Howling Winds and Mysterious Rocks and Tasty Memories.

Do you remember some of the photos I posted from a few days a go. They were taken very recently, and were mostly very sunny and colourful.

Snow slide above SR 20 - Week 5
(Photo credit: WSDOT)

However, last night I found it very hard to get to sleep through the howling wind outside.  The fact that my vents were open and my window was only half shut could have added to the drama as I slowly felt the icy cold air seeping through my walls and into the pours in my cells in my body.

And at this point, I always follow my golden rule. If all else fails, get the phone out, and open up twitter. And according to my friends and THE weatherman last night it was to snow as well. I looked out my window to just see a spot of rain. Typical Scottish weather.

However, waking up this morning, feeling even more cold, I peeped out my window, to my disappointment, to see no blankets of snow. Wouldn’t that have been a cracker of a set of photos, “Snow in April”. However,  there was snow there sometimes blending into the rain to make the horrible mixture that is sleet. So no exciting snow this time, it just keeps pouring and dissolving on the ground.

Speaking of grounds, I saw something rather mysterious out of my living room window. Rocks. Lots of them. I live right across from  park so there are no houses opposite me. At first I assumed that they were from our roof because of the strong winds but they were too… “rocky”. No one’s roof is made of such material!  However, after consulting my dad on the matter, I found out that it was just ejits throwing huge stones and rocks all over the streets barely missing several cars.

Orange juice. Italiano: Succo d'arancia. Portu...
Mmm... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was actually supposed to go into the city today with my sister on the train, but I warned myself and her that we shouldn’t go because of the high winds and snow, especially if the train goes over several high bridges. I decided not to go and stay alive, but my mum decided to go with her instead. Hopefully they’re not dead. But how good it would feel just to say “told you so!”.

So that’s really been the highlight of my Easter Holidays so far. In fact, cancel that…

Yesterday, whilst out with some friends we went into the supermarket which I am not going to name, (ASDAseeking for a refreshing drink after hours of swinging on swings. Yes, a bunch of teenagers playing on the swings and various other amusing items in the playground.  High and low, I searched the shelves and freezers for something that I would enjoy but would be within my budget of one pounds. Yes, stinking rich I am. Then, I discovered gold. Gold as bright as the sun. Sunny Delight.

Some of you reading this may not know what Sunny Delight is. Well, it’s just another brand selling orange juice. and various other flavours of refreshing drinks. However, I realised that I hadn’t had any Sunny Delight (or Sunny D as I like to call it) for years. But not only that, I remembered that it was my favourite ever drink as a child and I was really keen to buy it and taste my memories again. One pounds exactly.

Sadly however, I got the “Florida” style one which just tasted like normal fresh orange. Nice, but not the taste I was expecting, as I was sure there was another version, my version that I could buy, the original one.

So here I am today, still sitting with half a bottle of Sunny D beside me, blogigng away still listening to the howling wind and watching the fluffy rain (snowgo by my window. Another pointless blog post, but hey, if you read this far, you deserve a medal!



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