The Heat of the Moment

Scotland, or at least my part of Scotland has been very summer-like recently.

For the past few days, the sun has come out of its room to shine and make plants grow, clouds disappear and many mouths smile. For some reason, the sun just makes almost everyone happy and creates a better mood for all.

Scotland has been so sunny in fact, that according to a few weather forecasters, the past couple of days have marked the warmest days ever in March to be recorded! (For Scotland, of course). Yup, no one seen the great weather coming so early but we’re waiting on the April Showers to come which will not be fun at all.

The only down fall of having the sun on days like this is trying to keep ourselves cool. I’m okay because I have a USB fan to help me stay cool when I’m writing my online web-bookHint!  But you can really feel the heat when in other areas of the house, especially the living room, but they may be because we have a rather large window facing directly at the sun at its warmest times of the day.

School also seems to be quite cheerier when the amazing sun rays break through the glass and light up the class room and for some reason, I always feel more relaxed and focused when the lights are out, but that may just be me. However, the sun is no fun when you’re trapped inside a classroom in front of your least favourite teacher whilst sweating your butt off and practically dying as they teach you their nonsense. It’s just a shame outdoor classrooms and activities aren’t very common because it really would make education much more fun! I actually now enjoy P.E now because we get to go outside in the sun and play something like soft-ball (sort of like cricket/ baseball but with a softer bell, hence the name, soft-ball)  which really does keep you happy when you have it half way through a Monday and last thing on a Thursday!

I really do hope the sun stays out for at least the end of the week because I really am beginning to have a really good week now! Even better, I have a non-uniform day tomorrow at school which I don’t know why, but just adds a little bit of  “yeay” to the day which believe me, my Wednesday needs as much “yeay” as it can get, especially when you have a maths and computing test!

The sun also helps create beautiful pictures as you may have seen and probably will see as I upload them to my blog. From landscapes to macro photos, I’m having a ball with my camera as the sun shines happily on my skin.

Even better, after Friday, I’m off school for a few weeks for the Easter holidays and I hope for sun, sun and yup, you guessed it, SUN! There’s nothing quite like being out with friends in the summer time having a laugh and making memories to be remembered for decades.


Well, I must dash for now and be with my textbooks for they are missing me as I have not read them for a while and they say they will help me for my tests tomorrow. Bit hey, wherever you are, whoever you are just remember this…

♪  The Sun’ll come out, TOMORROW!  ♪




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